MSI India announces 2010 notebook lineup

Micro Star International (MSI), today further expanded one of the broadest product line-ups for laptops in India with the announcement of 14 new models across 5 series. The laptops cover the high-performance G-series gaming notebooks, the elegantly styled Classic series, the visually-stunning E-series entertainment notebooks, the extra-lightweight and fashionable X-Slim series and the ultra-thin, ultra-stylish U-series Wind Netbooks.

“As today’s digital lifestyles grow, portable computing is becoming ubiquitous in all facets of life,” said Tony Yang, newly appointed Managing Director of MSI India. “Consumers are looking for products that suit their professional and personal work needs yet reflect their individual style. Our 2010 notebook line-up is based on feedback from users world-wide and backed by MSI’s strong R&D. With our 14 new models, we are able to provide Indian consumers, a notebook suited for every need.”

Gaming Power

The ultra powerful MSI G-series GT640 and GT740 notebooks feature the Intel Calpella flat-screen 15.4-inch and 17-inch monitors and pack the latest Intel C i7 Quad-Core processors, combined with NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250M 3D discrete graphics making them the most formidable gaming notebooks in the world today. These notebooks are equipped with the world’s best multimedia entertainment interface – and flaunt their own style with frequently used WASD keys highlighted in easy-to-locate red, a super thin brushed aluminum alloy case, lava red trim, polished metal 3D speakers, and a high-tech luminescent, touch activated interface board.  These two notebooks are optimized for use with Microsoft Windows 7.

The G-Series notebooks from MSI are priced at Rs 88,000 upwards, depending on configuration.

Entertainment at Work and Play

The Company’s Entertainment notebook line got a boost with the introduction of the MSI EX465 notebook. With a 15” LED backlit display and Intel Core Duo processor, the EX645 is so compact it just weight 2kg, including a high-capacity 6-cell battery. The clean, minimalist lines are a stylist’s delight. Breathtakingly real visual effects enabled by a Radeon HD4330 discrete 3D graphics card in 16:9 high-definition cinema display. This offers significantly larger screen real-estate compared to conventional 16:10 aspect screens. Customer comfort is kept in mind with MSI’s unique EDS ergonomic keyboard curved to fit the finger tips and 51% larger to reduce load on fingers and wrists. Moreover, MSI’s proprietary ECO Engine technology incorporated in the EX460 provides LED backlighting for the LCD screen to deliver outstanding energy savings.

The EX 465 from MSI is priced at Rs. 38,999 onwards, depending on configuration.

Classic Elegance for the New Generation Professional

MSI’s all-new Classic Series notebooks adopt Intel’s latest-generation Core i5 CPU and are made all the more elegant with the latest fashionable Color Print Film exterior coating.  The CR420, CX420 and CR620 in the Classic series boast performance enhancement by 20% over the previous generation and an operating speed enhancement up to 30%. Moreover, the innovative approach of MSI’s design team finds expression in the. Chrome treatment, the light-touch tactile Chiclet keyboard, LED lights, special brushed metal touchpad buttons, and Color Film Print technology.  Much thinner and lighter than previously, these notebooks also incorporate the Intel Calpella platform for beautiful image processing capability of up to 1080p high-definition and offer flawless audio and video experience. And, with high-speed wireless connectivity, you are never far away from your work. The MSI Classic series exterior design features the utmost in styling with 45-degree angled design, slimmer profile and clean, minimalist lines.

Prices for the Classic Series of notebooks from MSI start at Rs. 38,000 and depend on configuration.


The outstanding good looks of MSI’s extra-lightweight, very thin X-Slim series notebooks hide a power-performer with the Intel CULV (Consumer Ultra-Voltage) energy saving platform, and Intel Core2 Duo processor – the ultimate marriage of high-technology and fashion. The MSI X350, X420, X620 and X430 comprise the new additions to the X-Slim series. Common across the series is 3D Boost Technology for excellent 3D computing, chrome treatment, the tactile chiclet keyboard and Color Film Print technology, SRS premium sound and extra-long battery life enabled by LED that is only 70% of traditional panel.  The X-slim is less than 1-inch at its thickest point and much lighter than regular notebooks, giving it the zero-size profile.  The featherweight profile, cappuccino-brown Color Print Film exterior, the pearl luster and textured pattern make it the defining statement for laptop style.

The MSI X-Slim X620 performance and stylized silver borders is already creating waves in the design community – it has been awarded the 2010 German iF Product Design Award.

The X-Slim series of notebooks from MSI are priced at Rs. 45,000 onwards, depending on configuration.

Dazzling, ultra-portable and light-as-Wind

Four ultra-portables are the showpiece of MSI’s netbooks line.

The MSI Wind U130 and U135 – dazzling special edition with exceptional stylish character. The outer shell is coated with Color Film Print and features flowing silver lines and rippling water designs, The U135 comes in four colors – refined silver, wind-dancer black, trendy blue and cherry red, while the U130 comes in two all-new standard colors – angelic white and wind-dancer black. MSI’s focus on detail and providing consumers with a comfortable user experience despite the extremely compact size is evidenced by the tactile feels of the exclusive chiclet keyboard, and a 20% larger surface area on the wide touchpad. The Wind U135 and U130 both use Intel’s newest ATOM N450 processor with low battery consumption. And MSI’s ECO engine technology is even more capable of bringing the ATOM N450 processor’s special qualities into play effectively increasing battery life. The netbooks carry International WiMAX Forum Certification – the first netbook products based on the ATOM N450 to achieve this certification.

Prices for the Wind U130 and U135 netbooks from MSI are Rs. 19,000 and Rs 21,000 respectively.

The MSI Wind U210 and U230 are the first netbooks in 12-inch display size. Featuring AMD’s second generation Ultrathin Platform, a dual core processor, they retain the ultra-thin mobility while offering an expansive viewing experience. The dula-core processor architecture provides consumers a performance experience on par with standard notebooks. Supporting HD video output, and DirectX10 technology for stunning Audio and Video entertainment on a 16:9 lifelike display, they even incorporate HDMI output ports to easily connect to large-screen TV or other multimedia devices. The hallmark of the MSI netbook line - stylish looks with glossy, crystal-like appearance, EDS (Ergonomic De-Stress) keyboard, Color Film Print coating on outer shell and resistance to dust and scratches are present in these too.

Prices for the Wind U210 and U230 netbooks from MSI are Rs. 23,000 and Rs 28,000 respectively.

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