Logitech announces its new range of wireless mice and keyboards

Imagine a world of No Wires, No Clutter and No Mess; just a desk like the way it’s meant to be-clean and tidy. Logitech has been envisioning this from a long time. It now believes that the wireless technology has matured today to such a point that it is now available with numerous features at great price points.

Logitech’s month long promotion celebrating Wireless computing was started in the North India consumer market (focusing on Delhi and NCR) in November- December and will start in Mumbai from January 18 to February 18, 2009.

In line with the “WireLess is More” promotion, Logitech has announced its new range of wireless mice and keyboards like MK250, M205, and M305. These products offer a wireless range of up to 10 meters, up to three years of battery life, and three years of replacement warranty. The ‘On’ and ‘Off’ switch helps in efficient power management on both keyboards and mice.

During the promotion, the Logitech wireless products will be available at a discounted price: the MK250 will be available at just INR 1399 instead of INR 1845. M305 will be available at INR 1349 instead of INR 1595. M205 will be available at INR 999 instead of INR 1375.

More power to do things as you like, more freedom of movement. A three years hassle-free replacement warranty, battery life that keeps going on and on for months together, and 2.4 GHz strong connection with virtually no delays or drop-outs so you can do more in every click.

“Wireless technology is rapidly evolving these days because of its low cost, ease-of-use and faster clutter-free installations. Wireless keyboards and mice are no longer just meant for the enthusiast. They are now very much a must-have computing tool. Well designed ergonomic wireless peripherals are essential at every home and office today. With battery life of over 3 years, these are absolutely hassle-free devices. The time to upgrade is now. Go on, live the wireless life. In this case, you’ll realize wire-less is actually more”, says Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager, India & SAARC, Logitech.

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