ASUS bags eight prestigious 2010 iF Product Design Awards

ASUS’ reputation as a design leader has been further cemented with the recent addition of eight iF product design awards to its already-crowded mantelpiece. An international expert jury commissioned by iF named the ASUS UX Series notebooks, UX30 notebook, P30 notebook, chiclet keyboard, Eee PC™ Seashell Series netbooks, EeeKeyboard PC, CG 5290 desktop PC and SBC-04D1S-U external Blu-ray disc combo drive as winners of the prestigious awards.

The iF product design award is known the world over as a “seal of outstanding design”, and entrants are evaluated on design quality, finish, choice of materials, degree of innovation, environmental impact, functionality, ergonomics, visualization of intended use, safety, brand value and branding, and universal design. The attainment of eight awards demonstrates ASUS’ strength in market research, material development, mechanical design, industrial design and packaging, and bears testament to the cohesiveness and expertise of ASUS’ diverse, international team of designers—a team which has previously also garnered numerous G-Mark and red dot design awards.

The 2010 iF product design award winners are:

2010 iF Product Design Award Winners


With the user experience firmly in mind, the designers behind the UX Series re-examined the essence of a notebook and weeded out the unnecessary elements to establish a delicate balance between performance and a thin and light form factor. Inspired by glassy architectural structures, the designers used the light property of transparent materials to shape the UX Series’ delightful outlines.

The UX30 represents a new breed of 13-inch notebooks, and differs from other notebooks with its uncompromising focus on mobility and long battery life. Through the use of a thin battery and smaller parts, ASUS’ designers successfully reduced the notebook’s bulk, thus addressing the needs of its target market: highly mobile professionals. The use of a metal cover ensures that the LCD panel is protected from the rigors of day-to-day use, while offering a luxurious feel.

Boasting a design that is professional yet personalized, the P30 is an all-in-one, ultra-slim notebook for SMB users. The black on black color scheme conveys calm, while the multi-textured surfaces create interesting contrasts. Under the lid, fine details, such as etched stainless steel and high gloss controls recall accessories worn by businessmen (for example, cuff links). The LED indicators are integrated into the hinge design, thus reducing visual complexity, while the one-touch launch keys work seamlessly with proprietary software to boost the productivity of business users.

The new generation of ASUS keyboards adds refined design to ergonomics and comfort. Like carefully aligned building blocks, the isolated keys reduce mistyping and reduce visual confusion. Each cap surface is curved to better fit users’ fingers, helping them to find their way around the keyboard. The key size and graphical layout are optimized to encourage users to center their bodies with the screen, thus improving typing comfort.

The third generation of Eee PC™ netbooks has a new ‘Seashell’ design language. The overall shape is elegant, smooth, and slim, while pearl, metallic and gradient color choices add personality. The Eee PC™ 1008 is the thinnest in the line, at only 25.7mm. It has a smooth, beautifully-designed bottom surface which improves handling, and its I/O ports are hidden with doors. The Eee PC™ 1005 and 1101 feature longer running times of 10.5–12 hours for all-day computing.

The EeeKeyboard PC may look merely like an input device, but it is actually a self-contained PC. The use of aluminum allows the device to be exceptionally slim, while its slanted profile improves its ergonomics. Its lightweight and smooth form makes it an ideal companion for enjoying digital media in locations such as the living room. Equipped with a 5-inch touch panel and a versatile range of outputs, it can operate independently or with an external monitor.

The CG 5290 features a design that is both minimal and expressive. It is minimal in the sense that the outer surfaces are geometric and sparsely decorated, drawing attention to the fine materials—anodized brushed aluminum and polished acrylic—and careful detailing on the front of the bezel. The design, however, is also very expressive, with the angled shapes on the sides and the tilted chassis. Tilting the chassis up allows cooling to be improved, a theme which is repeated through the stamped pattern of cooling holes on the sides.

The SBC-04D1S-U is designed for users who prize both picture quality and style. Four ‘rays’ light up gradually when the drive is turned on, creating a welcoming ambience. Combined with the stand, the drive can be positioned vertically against the wall, akin to how an LCD TV is placed in the living room. The position of the eject button is optimized to enable the user to easily locate and press it.

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