Quick Heal launches 2010 computer security product series

Quick Heal Technologies has announced the launch of new 2010 computer security series: Quick Heal AntiVirus 2010, Quick Heal Internet Security 2010 and Quick Heal Total Security 2010.

Focused on giving the best user experience, Quick Heal 2010’s series is much lighter, faster and smarter than its previous versions. Lighter in terms of lesser memory usage during operation & an enhanced engine that performs faster scanning and quicker updates. Advanced technologies implemented in the enhanced scan engine help in deeper scanning of threats which was not possible in earlier versions making it smarter and ready to fight latest threats.

“Quick Heal’s 2010 product line will give more advantage to users in fight against cyber criminals” says Kailash Katkar, CEO at Quick Heal Technologies. “Quick Heal 2010 series will also be compatible to Windows 7 and make optimal use of this new operating system from Microsoft”

Quick Heal 2010 has new features like advanced memory scanning, pen drive protection, browsing protection and entertainment mode. New advance memory scanning now scans the system memory deep at kernel level which makes sure even Rootkit drivers get detected at user mode. In this new release Quick Heal’s new unique feature automatically stops all kinds of malware from getting executed when an infected pen drive is plugged into the computer. Quick Heal 2010 - browsing protection feature helps prevent browser from visiting infected websites. Additionally, the Firewall is enhanced to protect users from hacking etc.

One of its much awaited features is “entertainment mode” for gaming enthusiasts. In this mode Quick Heal goes into silent mode which displays no prompts across all modules and reduces system load making activities like playing games, watching movies or presentation in an uninterrupted way.

Total Security users are provided with much needed built-in feature of Quick Heal PC Tuner. This will perform registry cleaning, disk cleaning, registry optimization and performance tuning which will fix computer errors and speed up the computer. Total Security users will also see additional support for new mobile phone models in its PC2Moblie scan including support for scanning of Apple iPhone.

“All new - lighter, faster and smarter transformation of Quick Heal is going to thrill users and its smaller and faster updates will make the experience of working with Quick Heal more pleasurable” said Sanjay Katkar, chief technology officer at Quick Heal Technologies.

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