New Headphone Jack Replacement Service for Apple’s IPOD TOUCH available

Headphone Jack Assemblies (the place where you connect your headphones or earbuds to your IPOD TOUCH) for Apple’s IPOD TOUCH can now be replaced at, an IPOD and IPHONE repair website that specializes in fixing all models of Apple’s IPOD or IPHONE.

“Our IPOD TOUCH headphone jack replacement service resolves almost all of the sound issues one may have when listening to their 3rd Generation IPOD TOUCH.”, said Anthony Magnabosco, Owner.

In addition to being able to replace the 3rd Generation IPOD TOUCH headphone jack plug, the online repair company can also perform similar repairs on the 1st and 2nd Generation version of Apple’s IPOD TOUCH.

Do not even consider opening Apple’s IPOD TOUCH by yourself - these devices are VERY hard to successfully repair by the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer, and it is highly recommended that you send in your device to a reputable company like, a business that has a bevy of favorable no-scam milliamp reviews that have conducted by independent third parties across the web.

“We work on IPHONE and IPOD TOUCH devices all day long, and you need that kind of experience to be able to safely conduct IPOD TOUCH repairs.”, continued Magnabosco.

In addition to this IPOD repair, also fixes broken IPOD TOUCH digitizers, IPOD TOUCH battery issues, and cracked IPOD TOUCH LCD’s. They will also evaluate your IPOD TOUCH to see what the problem is, and then discuss it with you in great detail so you can make an informed decision about proceeding with or declining the repair, if you have something else wrong with your device.

“We are excited to be able to help people with broken IPOD TOUCH issues; being able to fix audio issues with the complex and revolutionary 3rd Generation IPOD TOUCH is even more rewarding.”, continued Magnabosco.

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