PlaySpan Launches In-App PayPal Payments Experience

PlaySpan, the leader in monetization solutions for online games, virtual worlds, and social networks is one of the first to enable customers to make PayPal purchases directly inside the Social Networks using PayPal’s new Adaptive Payments APIs. Previously, any customer wishing to make a PayPal purchase would need to open up a new window or navigate away from the social networking sites in order to make a PayPal purchase. Not any longer.

This new PayPal payment experience, which uses PayPal’s new Adaptive Payments APIs, enables developers to provide an optimal PayPal purchase experience for frequent microtransaction type purchases. Customers will be able to make faster, easier transactions without leaving their favorite games and social network applications. Customers simply establish a pin with PayPal that they can then enter directly when using PlaySpan’s payment products to complete in-app purchases.

The first product to showcase this new functionality is the Spare Change payment network, which facilitates microtransactions for over 500 third-party applications on Facebook.

“The PayPal X platform and PlaySpan will enable developers to increase conversion and revenue from their online games, virtual worlds, and social networks. We expect the ease of the payment experience to drive higher ARPU,” said Karl Mehta, Founder & CEO of PlaySpan.

“PlaySpan is already a successful PayPal merchant and we’re thrilled that they’ve adopted PayPal X to make it even easier for consumers to buy digital goods,” said Osama Bedier, PayPal’s vice president of platform.

Part of the PayPal X platform, the Adaptive Payments API is a set of building blocks that gives developers the tools to create highly customized payment services. The API will change where and how people can make payments, how recipients get compensated, and more.

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