LG Introduces Phones that Help you Grow Your Social Life On-the-Move

LG Electronics (LGEIL), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communication announced launch of three new handsets in the mobile category - GW525, GT505 and GM730, today. Keeping up the philosophy of introducing cutting-edge innovation and technology and enhancing the communication experience for Indian mobile phone users, these new handsets come with advanced features and capabilities.

Resembling miniature computers, the GW525, GT505 and GM730 offer features that boast of powerful processors, abundant memory, easy operating systems and social networking services. Designed with usability in mind, LG’s offerings will highlight the touch friendly, easy to navigate and user friendly interface which delivers an easier and faster experience for users. The new phones not only possess features that ease out business operations but also offer great social networking tools.

The new range offers seamless and unrivalled mobile experience making them an extremely convenient device. We are positive that these new offerings will function as a complete professional as well as personal organize and play a pivotal role in growing the mobile handset category in the coming months .” said Mr. Anil Arora, Business Group Marketing Head, LGEIL

Get your social life companion – LG GW525

The LG GW525 is designed with messaging on-the-move in mind, be that via social networks, email or SMS and IM. Easy to use, accessible messaging features, combined with a 2.8” full touch screen and side-slide QWERTY keypad make this the ultimate device to stay in touch with friends and family.

Plus – thanks to LiveSquare from LG – you can see those friends that you talk to most often appearing as an animated character on your homescreen. If one of those contacts sends you a text, their character will tell you that there is a message waiting. Just click on the image and go straight to it. With the GW525 your social life is centred on you; and with four vibrant colour choices from launch, the attention will be centred on you as well.

Navigate Your Social Life in the Right Direction with Wisepilot - LG GT505

Like the GW525, the LG GT505 also offers push social networking services, consumer push email and business push email via Microsoft Exchange Active Sync®. In addition, the GT505’s impressive 3” touch screen and GPS functions make it an ideal navigation device. It comes preloaded with a 30-day free trial of ‘Wisepilot® for LG’*; a turn-by-turn navigation solution with voice instruction and a choice of 2D or 3D mapping to guide you. It also offers the option to take out a full subscription, should the user wish to do so.

The GT505 not only gets the user to their destination; it also affords them fast connection to the internet once they are there, either via WiFi™ or HSDPA 3.6. Take a photo with its 5.0MP camera and upload it immediately to your social network page.

User Friendly Smartphone features in a Slim and Sleek Design – GM 730

Built around a 3D cube layout, the S-class UI of LG GM730 and Windows Mobile combination makes the device quite easy to operate. Email, for example, is easier to set up and use because the phone’s schedule and contact lists are connected. This means users can send and receive messages using less key presses than on regular smartphones, making the process of sending an email smoother than ever.

Advanced multimedia features such as a 5 megapixel camera, MP3 player and numerous action-packed games make this phone a full-featured entertainment device.

The LG-GM730 incorporates LG’s signature style with a slim, seamless profile and smooth, stylish rounded edges. At just 11.9 mm and highlighted by an elegant chrome band, this slim handset is the perfect on-the-go device for new as well as experienced Smartphone users.

Availability and pricing

A brilliant set of gadgets by LG are priced at a very affordable range in various store in India. LG GW525, GT505 and GM730 are priced at Rs13,990 /-, Rs 14,990/- and Rs 22,490 /- (approx.) respectively.

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