Samsung extends reach to youth audience with launch of the ‘Corby’ family

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, (LSE: SMSN) a leading mobile phone provider, has rapidly followed the successful launch of the Samsung Corby (model: S3650), its first mobile handset designed to support the highly connected lifestyles of today’s younger mobile users, by announcing the launch of the Corby family - two new mobile phones designed around the Corby concept which further help meet the varied needs of the youth market.

The launch of the new handsets, called Samsung Corby(TXT) and Samsung Corby(PRO), fits perfectly within the company’s strategy of ‘designing a wealth of handsets to match every different lifestyle’. Each new handset has a specific focus on key features including messaging, multimedia entertainment and business functionality; both also have the original Corby’s trademarks of bold colours, pop-style contours and stand-out curved body design.

“The Corby family is clearly in-line with our ongoing strategy of developing different mobiles to match different lifestyle needs,” explained JK Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Samsung Electronics’ Mobile Communications Division. “The focus with the original Corby and now with the Corby family has been to offer our consumers choice: choice over the colour of the handset, choice over how they stay connected and choice over the features and functionality which best suit their unique personality and communication requirements.”

Samsung Corby(TXT) (B3210)

The Samsung Corby(TXT) is a message-centric mobile for heavy texters delivering easy-to-use SMS and IM (Instant Messenger) features as well as simple social media uploading functionality. The Corby(TXT) also offers a full QWERTY keyboard on the face of the phone.

Quick launch buttons on the front of the handset offer fast access to key features including the music player, camera and messaging application. A 3.5mm earphone jack allows its owners to use their own earphones and, like the original Samsung Corby, Corby(TXT), it comes with brightly-coloured fashion jackets, changeable battery covers - a simple black one and the second with detailed graphic designs.

Samsung Corby(TXT) will be available in most European countries by the end of September.

Samsung Corby(PRO) (B5310)

The Samsung Corby(PRO) is a hybrid slider which takes the cutting edge design of the original Samsung Corby and adds a full, slide out QWERTY keyboard.

The slide out QWERTY keyboard provides its owners with a finger-friendly messaging and emailing experience without sacrificing any of the style of the original Corby. It also combines the many features business users demand with a variety of entertainment and multimedia capabilities all delivered in a stylish format. These include push email services, conversational SMS and native Facebook and MySpace.

In addition, the Samsung Corby(PRO) also packs a 3MP digital camera, Wi-Fi, 3G/HSDPA and quad band connectivity. From an entertainment perspective the mobile also has a 3.5mm ear jack and dedicated music keys.

Samsung Corby(TXT) will be launched in Europe during November and soon will be expanded other markets.

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