Cellular South unveils Samsung Finesse(TM) Touchscreen phone

Cellular South, a leader in wireless solutions and innovation, today announced availability of the Samsung Finesse (SCH- r810) touchscreen phone and its advanced touch user interface to customers of the nation’s largest privately owned wireless communications carrier.

The stylish touchscreen device offers consumers complete access to the internet, e-mail and social networking applications at super fast 3G data speeds, according to Jim Richmond, director of Corporate Communications for Cellular South. “The customizable widgets and Internet access on the Samsung Finesse give users the ability to instantly access their favorite features and other online applications with a single touch,” he said.

Powered by Samsung’s unique TouchWizTM interface, the Finesse has an extendable tray of 20 drag and drop specially designed widgets that consumers can place on the home screen using either a stylus or their fingertips for applications ranging from clock and calendar functions to a music player interface. Along the top of the home screen display is a collapsible shortcut bar for messaging, the HTML web browser, the music player and the Bluetooth menu. The bottom of the display features shortcuts for the phone dialer, contacts list, messaging inbox and main interface functions.

The Samsung Finesse touchscreen phone is stylish and sleek with a large 3.2-inch touch screen LCD display that dominates its smooth, mirror surface. Packed with an abundance of powerful features, it weighs only 3.6 ounces and measures approximately 4.6″ x 2.3″ x 0.5″. Featuring colorful animated icons on a bright and vibrant color screen, the display uses large keys on a virtual dialpad for easy and convenient dialing and texting. The device’s touchscreen interface is easy to use and intuitive, especially with the adjustable haptic vibration feature that lets users know when their touch has been registered on the keypad.

Available color: black with gray brushed metal trim with rounded corners and mirror front finish

Key Features

The Samsung Finesse touchscreen phone is packed with powerful features, including:

* A full HTML web browser that lets users surf the web for their favorite destinations, check e-mail and download files wherever they go.
* A 2 megapixel camera and video camcorder and player with digital zoom and night shot feature for low light conditions
* An advanced touchscreen with TouchWiz user interface so favorite applications and functions are only a widget away
* An MP 3 music player
* 150 MB of internal memory with an expandable memory card slot (microSD) up to 16 GB
* Stereo Bluetooth headset support
* Comes pre-loaded with RealtoneVIP, Facebook, Myspace and other cool applications and shortcuts
* Virtual QWERTY keyboard, a virtual keypad for T9 entry and a handwriting recognition tool in either full or half screen mode makes responding to text and e-mails quick and easy.
* A stylus, hands-free headset, USB cable and power adapter come as standard accessories with this device

Pricing and availability

* The Samsung Finesse touchscreen phone is available today in all Cellular South retail stores or online for $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a new two-year customer contract. The device also comes with full support from Cellular South’s online and in-store Discover Center, which shows customers how to get the most out of the device’s functionality, features and applications.
* Cellular South web for mobile phones is available for $9.99 monthly access. Other charges may apply when downloading or using applications.
* Customers can purchase the Samsung Finesse touchscreen phone at Cellular South retail stores or online at www.cellularsouth.com. For more information on Cellular South wireless products and service, visit a Cellular South retail store, call Cellular South toll-free at 1-877-9CSOUTH (927-6884) or go to www.cellularsouth.com.

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