ASUS launches a full range of robust professional solutions E-Green technology

ASUS, the leading provider of high-performance optical storage devices, provides a full range of robust professional solutions, spanning from DVD-RW to Blu-ray Combo drives that have become the standard for professional storage environments. ASUS believes that Green technologies can help humanity bring about a healthier and environmentally friendly world; and adhering to this philosophy of environment protection, will now provide users with a new power saving E-Green drive experience for all the internal optical drive.

Enjoy Energy Savings with ASUS Internal Optical Drives

The E-Green Engine technology provides an E-Green Mode which activates when the drives are idle for 2 minutes. Once activated, drive applications are closed when not in use to help conserve energy—helping the environment by saving energy, and in turn decreasing CO2 emissions and in essence reducing the depletion of trees. According to in-depth calculations: on average, the PATA and SATA versions of the drive will provide 77% and 27% power savings respectively over competing solutions. All of ASUS’ Internal ODD drives are equipped with this helpful technology, allowing users the flexibility to choose between different multi-media formats while still enjoying energy savings. The E-Green Engine is available on the ASUS SBC-04D1S-U, DRW-24B1LT, DRW-24b1ST, DRW-22B2L, DRW-22B2S and DVD-E818A4 drives.

ASUS BC-08B1ST Delivers True Blu-ray Performance and Advanced Data Security

The ASUS BC-06B1ST is a powerful and energy-saving Blu-ray drive capable of reading/writing/re-writing data on 8X BD read and 16X DVD+R write BD Combo formats. It also features disc encryption and provides high-definition images with its optimum burning strategy. It also supports advanced video enhancement technologies like TTHD (True Theater High Definition) that deliver unsurpassed quality for DVD movies. Combining both software and hardware functions, TTHD Technology is an innovative suite of technologies that fills the gap between standard resolution content and high-definition display capabilities, boosting DVD video quality to achieve HD-like results and smoother playback for high definition displays. Furthermore, the BC08B1ST is equipped with Disc Encryption, which protects the entire disc or partial files with a password, allowing for privacy of materials—vital for both individual and enterprise needs. This function even allows the user to hide the names of the file, so that without the right password, no one can glean any information about the disc, even the title.
DRW-24B1 Series: The Fastest Write Speeds with the Best Data Security

The ASUS internal DVD-RW drives, the DRW-24B1 and DRW-22B2 Series, are equipped with innovative features—E-Hammer, AVRS, OTS and E-Green. With E-Hammer, users can permanently delete the data on a writable disc (CD-R and DVD-R formats). Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered or restored, and the optical drive will not be able to read the disc again. This helps ensures data security, and conforms with the commitment to environmental protection. Another great feature of the drives is OTS (Optimal Tuning Strategy) that provides users with improved disc burning for better total write quality. Furthermore, the AVRS technology is designed to minimize the vibrations caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components, as well as the drive and PC chassis. With AVRS, reduced vibration and noise are induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery, allowing the DVD and DRW Series to provide high readability and playability.

Versatility with Multiple Media Formats

In summary, flexibility for a wide array of media formats is also very important. The ASUS internal drives are available in both DVD-Writer and BD Combo versions—making them a versatile choice to reading from and write on all DVD formats.

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