, India’s first neighborhood networking site, India’s first neighborhood networking site was launched. Started by a group of enthusiastic college students with Kaviraj (a Satyabhama University alumnus ) leading the student team. is a site that allows you to network with people in your neighbourhood. The site had been on Beta testing for the last 6 months and is now open for public.

Apart from the core student team, student groups from various colleges are helping in content and maintenance of this service and work is divided into teams to handle activities like coding, marketing, technology, interactivity and content.

The inspiration for neighbourhood networking came about when the team found that very often the most interesting person we were searching for was just a class, a department or a street away from you; but we spent numerous hours searching for him /her all over the world. is truly a neighbourhood networking idea whose time has come, most of the content and interactivity will be user generated with neighbourhood moderators managing the network.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Kaviraj, founder, said, “While there are many leading social networking sites at present, none of them are India centric nor are they modeled for Indian user needs. Our aim is to extend this service to more and pals across the country soon and create content, community and camaraderie and instill neighbourhood bonding.”

Also, allows users to share their thoughts and views on civic issues in their locality and also update other users on the events and latest happenings in their area. The site has a tight security system in place. An individual wanting to show his profile only to the users in his or her area can do so with

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