makes English Knowledge irrelevant for net surfers

There is a brilliant new internet technology that uses keyboard shortcuts to access Google, Orkut, Yahoo, Microsoft and similar such popular sites making the entire online surfing experience easy. This new internet technology search engine invention will allow users to access all most popular websites by the use of simple shortcuts. For example, if a user wants to visit Google, he will have to type the following three consecutive letters in the keyboard, “”. To visit Orkut, they will have to just type,

This new technology is made available to everyone by a team of eight Indian net-savvy youth. They have named their theory as ‘Angle Theory of’. The intention of this invention is to make the internet and websites on the web accessible to all including the illiterates. They believe that this new internet technology search engine invention will make online surfing experience easy for English speaking users, non-English speaking users too can now access web pages without any difficulty, and it is possible for illiterate people to access websites of their interest.

For people to access web pages, they must know English. But not all users know English. But, they need not to be worry any more about their inability to use the internet because they have a new way of interacting with the World Wide Web.

While explaining this new technology, Mr. Sanjeev Singla the Managing Director of said that, “One has to type three letters twice on the computer keyboard which are in a straight line, ‘C’ or inverted ‘C’, ‘V’ or inverted ‘V’ twice followed by dot (.) com or ctrl+enter (its for www. .com). Shortcut keys are together on the keyboard e.g.,,, etc. We can earn 36 billions US$ annually from this invention because illiterate can also use the internet by’s Angle Theory. So, non English persons can get benefits of internet technology.”

This new technology search engine invention does not only have keyboard shortcuts to Google, Orkut, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc., users will also be able to access their favorite games sites, access videos, etc. Language will no more be a barrier. People from all language backgrounds can use this new technology.

In their new invention, according to Mr. Rinkle Sharma, they did not violate any rules and regulations of the internet. Everything is absolutely legal. Moreover, this new concept of interacting with the web does not require users to install any new software product.

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