Motorola introduces new GSM Base Station Controller

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT), today introduced its new GSM Base Station Controller (BSC), the Horizon 2G RAN controller.  This latest addition to Motorola’s GSM portfolio, designed with cost and energy efficiency in mind, provides approximately three times the capacity in a compact footprint which occupies about one tenth the floor space of current platforms, supporting the latest voice and data features.

The Horizon 2G RAN controller is a versatile solution capable of controlling today’s increasingly complex networks. For example, while the unit is physically small, it is modular in design and scales to support over 2000 transceivers, making it the ideal BSC solution for covering a wide range of network deployment scenarios.

The controller is designed to support networks today and into the future as it already supports IP over the A-interface.  Similarly, the Horizon 2G RAN controller is capable of supporting high data through-puts; which becomes increasingly important with the deployment of the latest data network capability, such as E-EDGE.

In addition it incorporates Packet Control Unit (PCU) and Transcoder functionality in a compact footprint with lower power consumption, making use of the latest techniques to minimize OPEX and reduce the total cost of ownership for service providers.

“As service providers evolve their 2G networks, they are looking to maximise their investment for the future, as well as ensuring their networks run in the most cost and energy efficient manner.  With the new Motorola Horizon 2G RAN controller we’re delivering a lower total cost of ownership without compromising on features,” said Fred Wright, senior vice president, wireless network products, Home & Networks Mobility, Motorola, Inc. “The new controller compliments Motorola’s field proven BSC2 platform providing additional flexibility and easing service provider deployment considerations, through its high-capacity, small footprint and low power consumption.”

The high-performance Horizon 2G RAN controller further compliments Motorola’s existing Horizon II portfolio, which has also been recently enhanced by the addition of a new range of high performance radio solutions, the CTU4 and RCTU4,  that will deliver E-EDGE and LTE capability in addition to GSM.

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