Ocean Blue Software releases new CI+ software

Ocean Blue Software, a leading provider of world class digital television software solutions has released its new Sunrise CI+ software product. The new Sunrise CI+ product enables the delivery of high value content in a secure way, adding value by enabling the branding of content, as well as assisting OEM/ODMs as they aim to reduce time-to-market.

The new Sunrise software, developed in the portable C programming language, is an extension to Ocean Blue’s existing Sunrise DVB-CI software. The Sunrise DVB core software product variations include, DVB-T (terrestrial) DVB-S (satellite) and DVB-H (handheld). Sunrise software plug-ins currently include Surfsoft Freeview + PVR and Voyager MHEG-5 HD software. The Sunrise DVB-CI product has proven to be robust having been extensively deployed across Europe and the Far East for more than five years.

Ken Helps, CEO of Ocean Blue Software explained, “Our new Sunrise CI+ provides our customers with two major benefits when compared to the-previous generation of the CI standard. Ocean Blue’s ‘CI+ Content Control’ system introduces a secure link between the Common Interface Conditional Access Module (CICAM) and host enabling their high value content to be encrypted.” Helps continued, “By using the ‘CI+ Browser’ and an embedded application in the CICAM, an advanced MMI can be generated allowing branding of the host to match that of the content provider or broadcaster.”

Triton, Ocean Blue’s CI+ authoring tool, provides content providers and broadcasters with the ability to generate the CI+ applications that are embedded in a CICAM. Triton also supports application authors with a Windows based IDE that enhances and speeds up the application development process.

Ocean Blue’s Sunrise CI+ stack and CI+ browser provide manufacturers of host equipment with the interface between the CICAM and the host.

Helps added, “Back in 2008, we developed the world’s first CI+ application and showcased it at ANGA Cable, the international trade exhibition for cable, broadband and satellite, in Cologne, Germany.” Helps concluded, “The ground- breaking application delivers advanced graphical applications inside a CAM, to run on a CI+ enabled television or set top box. We have helped to set a new standard that paves the way for the rapidly growing number of Pay Per View (PPV) operators to enlarge the market and provide content in a secure way.”

Ocean Blue Software’s suite of products has been developed to UK DTG (Digital Terrestrial Group), DVB and ETSI (The European standards group) standards, which are recognised internationally. Ocean Blue is a member of the UK DTG and plays an active role in developing and enhancing international digital broadcasting standards. Ocean Blue is part of Hong Kong’s Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Limited’s (ASTRI)-led Digital Living Consortium.

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