NivioLite Free, a free online storage & backup facility

Nivio, the online computing utility, announced today the launch of NivioLite Free, a free online storage & backup facility created to ease data security risks. With increasing threat of data loss, theft and compromised user privacy, this new service from Nivio allows people to greatly reduce these risks by providing safe, robust, online data storage for critical information.

Anyone signing up for NivioLite Free receives 1GB of secure storage (enough to store around 400 photos or 200 songs) absolutely free. Users needing additional storage space can simply purchase extra storage on a pay-per-use basis.

Alternatively, for a small fee of just Rs. 208.5 (£3)a month, users can upgrade to Nivio Full Service which allows full access to Nivio’s virtual Windows Desktop where one can create and edit files. This would include the nDrive, a user intuitive tool that facilitates an easy and quick transfer of files between a local computer and the Nivio online desktop.

The cloud-based nDrive will go head-to-head with Google’s much speculated GDrive storage service. The nDrive gives users a massive 5 GBs of storage with the ability to buy more on a pay-per-use basis. nDrive’s ‘drag and drop’ functions also means that transferring files between a computer and Nivio is as simple as dragging them onto a traditional USB stick, but without all the hassle of traditional hardware. nDrive will be available to users as early as mid February.

With these newly launched services from Nivio, files can be accessed anytime, anywhere - from any internet café or wherever there’s an internet-enabled computer. This makes it particularly useful for those who don’t have their own home computer or laptop, and for people who work from different locations.

Nivio’s CEO Sachin Duggal, one of the Technology Pioneers 2009 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, explains “with the nDrive and NivioLite offerings, there’s no need for USB sticks or portable hard drives. All your files, photos, music or any data from any computer can be backed-up on Nivio. Making it safe from viruses and greatly reducing the risk of data loss. With the nDrive and NivioLite, anything that’s backed-up is always online and ready to retrieve whenever it’s needed”.

India’s dream of high-speed broadband is coming closer to reality, and it is further fuelled by the Government’s promise of free broadband to all. With over 29% of the 4 million broadband users having more than 2Mbps connections, the reliability of networks and hence mobile computing will provide NivioLite users a distinctive benefit of anytime data.

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