AmpliTube Fender(R) Announced The Official Fender(R) Software Amp and FX Suite

AmpliTube Fender(R) is the only official Fender guitar/bass amp and FX software suite, made by IK Multimedia in cooperation with music icon Fender(R) Musical Instruments Corporation. With a collection of 45 pieces of gear, including some the most sought-after classic and modern Fender amps (Twin Reverb(R), ‘59 Bassman(R) LTD, Super- Sonic(TM), Metalhead(TM) and many others), cabinets, stompboxes and rack effects, AmpliTube Fender sets the new standard for software amplifiers. From guitar to bass, and from country to blues, rock, punk and metal — whatever style you play — AmpliTube Fender is the only amp suite that gives you the world’s most influential guitar and bass tones right on your desktop.

AmpliTube Fender is the result of years of intense research and development by the tone gurus at Fender, and is handcrafted by the software and audio engineers at IK Multimedia. The results have been amazing, as Fender’s Shane Nicholas, senior marketing manager for guitar amps said:

“An electric guitar is nothing without amp tone, and Fender amplifiers are the standard by which great amp tones are measured. We’re confident that the thrill of plugging into a great tube amp will never die, but we are proud to give digital recording enthusiasts the opportunity to discover and utilize many of the best Fender tones, old and new, with the convenience of PC recording. Unlike other guitar modeling software, IK Multimedia developed the realistic sounds of the AmpliTube Fender edition with the master tone-team at Fender Musical Instruments. From the legendary Tweed Deluxe(TM) to the modern high-gain Super-Sonic, this is the real-deal palette of tones you need to make great music in the digital domain.”

The extremely accurate Fender tones achieved by this collaboration, together with the large variety of gear included, covers the widest range of tonal palettes and makes AmpliTube Fender the ideal choice for those who are recording guitar for the first time or for DAW users who demand nothing less than tonal perfection.

AmpliTube Fender will be available through the entire IK sales network of dealers and distributors by the end of February 2009. Preorders are already available through selected dealers around the world and in the IK online store.

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