Verbatim unveils EspressCard SSD for PC and Mac users

Verbatim® Americas, LLC, a global leader and innovator in the digital storage industry, announced at Macworld today its new ExpressCard SSD for PC and Mac users. The new card is a solid-state drive (SSD) that provides ExpressCard slot-equipped XP/Vista PCs and OS X-equipped Macs® with plug-in storage that is up to five times faster than USB based ExpressCards. Based on the 34mm ExpressCard module (75mm x 34mm x 5mm), the Verbatim ExpressCard SSD will be available the end of February with capacities of 16, 32 and 64GB. The high-performance, high-capacity storage solution comes bundled with NTI Shadow™ IV, a backup application that provides PC and Mac users with continuous real time backup of critical data.

With read speeds of up to 125MB/sec (833X) and write speeds up to 30MB/sec (200X), Verbatim’s new ExpressCard SSD offers significantly higher performance than USB-based ExpressCard SSD solutions, due to the throughput limitations of the USB 2.0 interface. Verbatim’s PCI ExpressCard SSD is also enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost® to allow the user to allocate a portion of the device’s unused storage capacity to speed system performance on Windows Vista™ equipped PCs.

In addition to providing instant access to volumes of portable storage and reliable backup/recovery, Verbatim’s ExpressCard SSD solution provides advanced sync features to keep multiple storage devices and computers updated.

“We’re excited about the launch of our new ExpressCard SSD because it offers all the advantages of a traditional SSD in a plug-and-play, integrated form factor,” said Mark Rogers, Verbatim Product Manager. “Since it’s a plug-and-play device, there’s no hardware installation. It fits completely inside your laptop’s ExpressCard slot so you can easily take it with you for automated backup of your critical data, without the need to carry around or keep up with external devices. If you want to synch up your data and travel with just your ExpressCard SSD, you can leave the laptop behind. It’s the best way to add storage capacity to your laptop without changing it’s footprint with external devices, or going inside the case to install hardware.”

With NTI Shadow 4, backup jobs are conveniently executed transparently in the background without disturbing the user and without slowing system performance. Files or file groups can be automatically backed up in their native format every time a change occurs. The software also offers scheduled backups, custom file type filtering, version control, drag and drop file restoring, and more.

Availability, Pricing

The Verbatim ExpressCard SSD for PC¹ and Mac users will be available through Verbatim retail and distribution channels late February with MRSPs of US$99.99 for the 16GB card, US$149.99 for the 32GB card and US$299.99 for the 64GB card. Includes software drivers required for XP and Mac OS.

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