Motorola launches the new update of CCE software

Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) today announced the launch of a new update of its innovative Motorola Communications Convergence Engine (CCE), the software behind next-generation TV that combines the convenience and ubiquity of classic TV with the control and personalization of the Internet.

The Storefront 1.0 update brings new options to the entire process of marketing and bundling IPTV, Internet and physical goods. Introduced at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the CCE update will also help network operators deliver services such as video and gaming that millions of consumers want, when they want them, to the device(s) of their choice.

Motorola CCE Storefront 1.0 is designed using the latest in IPTV technology. Storefront 1.0 enables IPTV operators to create rich, personalized, on-demand experiences for subscribers as well as the ability to offer new bundled services which include multimedia content. The resulting “storefront experience” allows consumers to browse personalized catalogues of content via TV, web and mobile devices.

“With the latest CCE updates, IPTV operators can differentiate their content packages through personalized offers and promotions, packaged with personalized advertisements, thus getting the most value out of their premium video assets,” said Alan Lefkof, general manager and corporate vice president, Broadband Home Gateways and Software, Motorola, Inc. “The introduction of Storefront 1.0 demonstrates further evidence of our commitment and experience in IPTV. With personalization and three-screen capability, this game-changing software provides new revenue streams for many telecom operators along with a significant competitive advantage.”

Capitalizing on Motorola’s legacy of deep service provider knowledge and experience, Motorola CCE uses open, standards-based interfaces for integration with existing telecom hardware and software systems, making it easy to add services and improve efficiencies in network delivery. This helps operators bring new services to market more rapidly, so they can maximize customer convenience, build subscriber loyalty, reach new markets, and realize new revenue opportunities.

The CCE product family includes the Content Manager and Service Broker applications. A live demonstration of the CCE Storefront 1.0 will be available during CES, January 8-11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada at Motorola’s booth (#8545). The demonstration will show a three-screen experience of converged content between a set-top box, personal computer and mobile device.

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