Novel Games releases a free multiplayer flash game server

Novel Games is proud to announce that they have created a Multiplayer Flash Game Server and it is now available for free download. With the Multiplayer Flash Game Server and the related client side Flash components, developers can create multiplayer flash games and online chat programs quickly and easily.

As this server program was written in pure Java no matter you are using Linux, Windows or Mac OS X operating systems, this program can still operate smoothly and efficiently. After installation, programmer can design real time multiplayer online games, chat programs and many other client-server applications. One of the most important aspects this products stands out from similar products is that it supports an unlimited number of games and players. Similar products in the market can support an unlimited number of players only with a very high price premium.

On the client side, Flash components will be provided for you to use in your games. The component handles such tasks as player management, game room management etc so you do not need to write codes for that part and can focus on the development of your multiplayer game. The Flash component is available in ActionScript 2.0 and ActionScript 3.0 format so you can use the component in your AS2 or AS3 games.

You can download the Multiplayer Flash Game Server here:

The package included full source files for the server side program and the client side Flash components. A detailed step by step Usage Manual also included to help you install and run the server easily and help you to customize them in order to suit your needs.

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