introduces Mobile Messaging service for car owners, an online car servicing web portal, is now associated with ValueFirst for providing facilities to car owners to send enquiries using Mobile Messaging. With you can easily search for a dealer in your locality, register and send enquiries. will be using ValueFirst’s application to then send SMS to its customers. This ensures easy accessibility to car servicing solutions.

ValueFirst, a leading provider of enterprise mobile messaging services, proposed a solution based on API (Application Programming Interface). ValueFirst APIs would work with MeriCAR application layer to send enquiries on the SMS to car service dealers. Car dealers would be informed about car servicing enquiries through SMS and email.

Mobile messaging for car servicing truly makes MeriCAR services device-agnostic, enabling millions of car owners to access dealers on the move, with just an SMS. The use of this application is revolutionary as till date mobile messaging for such applications has been a niche activity in India. Mobility has become a necessity and has mobile-enabled its customers to ensure cost-efficient and timely service using ValueFirst’s enterprise application.

“Mobile messaging would help car workshops dealers who do not check emails regularly. It would be quick and easy for car owners to be in contact with car service dealers” says Rakesh K. Sidana, CEO, Amoeba Webware Pvt. Ltd.

“Large enterprises where the requirements are too complex and varied can incorporate the API function calls in their CRM / ERP applications. This SMS gateway API will enable high performance of This application is Cost Effective, using IP connectivity to reduce costs and dependence on any specific mobile network. It also enables high bandwidth connectivity and provides customers with high message security through the implementation of 128 bit algorithm based encryption for all traffic. We at ValueFirst are delighted to handle all complex messaging requirements that MeriCAR may have”, says Vijay Shukla, Co-founder & Country Head for India, ValueFirst.

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  1. I like the way they have given choices to car owners to contact car workshops.

  2. I really like this portal, as it helps the user to select the correct dealer for car service. The response was really good, i really appreciate

  3. mericar is good for car owners shifted to ncr region.

  4. mericar is really doing well. Recommendation choice is really the best.

  5. mericar seems work well if people know about it.

  6. I am not sure if this works, as i called my car dealers myself. I may use if i need change.

  7. It is good for car owner. Car owners can see more choices finding car dealers.

  8. Car dealer needs to be more efficient if mericar become successful.