GoFrugal technologies releases new distribution management software

GoFrugal Technologies today announced the new release of its popular distribution management software - RayMedi DE 5.5 . In its latest release, RayMedi DE 5.5 is being made available in four editions namely Starter, Standard, Professional and Custom editions. The highlight of this release is - the starter edition license is being made completely free to its users.

Users can download and use RayMedi DE 5.5 - Starter Edition completely free of cost. The products includes Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Accounts, General reports and VAT reports. The product supports wide variety of distribution business such as pharma (both generic and patent), FMCG, processed foods, fertilisers & pesticides, stationary etc.,

“RayMedi DE 5.5 Starter Edition is ideal for tiny to small distributors, wholesalers and sub-stockists” said Mr.U.Kumar, Product Manager, Distribution Products, GoFrugal Technologies. “With the dwindling margins and the rising expectations on better service, wholesalers have to squeeze every rupee to remain in business leave alone making profit. RayMedi DE 5.5 helps in managing the highly competitive distribution business efficiently and profitably,” he added.

RayMedi DE is already a popular software with more than 1000 installations and have installation base in more than 10 states in India.

One of the key customers of RayMedi DE, Mr.Kasilingam, MD of Omkar Medical distributors Pvt Ltd, Chennai said, “RayMedi reports are excellent, we are using the reports to analyse our different aspects of business and it is very useful. Overall the product is user friendly. Thanks to RayMedi, we are submitting our monthly VAT returns, through E-filing. Account module is 100 % fit for distribution business. We are maintaining the accurate stock through inventory management. Purchase and Sales return management is very easy to use. Above all RayMedi 24/7 service is excellent.”

GoFrugal also expects to sign-up a lot of resellers who can use the free starter edition software to increase their sales and also get additional revenue in terms of providing support & other allied services.

RM Systems and Software is one of the leading sales and service partners of GoFrugal. Mr.U.Arumugam, Managing Director of RM System & software said, “RayMedi DE 5 free edition installations provides us additional revenue options. I am focusing on small distribution centers where the business are done by manually or with single computer. For most of them starter edition is suitable. I am very much confident that, the customers and RayMedi service partners can get 100% benefit from RayMedi free edition.”, he added.

RayMedi 5.5 DE is a complete pharmaceutical software exclusively designed for wholesale distributors and traders. It supports multi-user, multi-company formats and comes integrated with accounts. It manages all aspects of wholesale pharmacy operations quickly and accurately.

RayMedi 5.5 DE can be accessed from https://gofrugaltech.com/de/wholesalesoftware-productoverview.html

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