Nokia releases software development kit for Series 40 6th edition mobile devices

Nokia today released the new software development kit (SDK) for its Series 40 6th Edition mass-market mobile devices, providing application developers and network operators with new tools to create unique applications and services for the high-volume feature phone market worldwide.

Today’s release of the Series 40 6th Edition SDK, available for immediate download at, coincides with Nokia’s announcement of the new Nokia 6260 slide, the latest device based on the Series 40 6th Edition platform, which achieves significant breakthroughs in advanced capabilities and enhanced functionality for mobile subscribers worldwide. In June, Nokia announced the first mobile device based on Series 40 6th Edition, the Nokia 7510 Supernova, which will ship to markets worldwide in Q4.

Series 40 6th Edition supports the Nokia WebKit Open Source Browser for full web look and feel, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 for accelerated development and delivery of rich graphical mobile content, and the Java(TM)-based location API (JSR-179) for navigation and location-aware services. The Series 40 6th Edition SDK provides the application development, testing and debugging tools to bring these exciting technologies to devices for the mass consumer market worldwide.

“Nokia is very pleased to release our Series 40 6th Edition SDK, enabling developers to create a broad range of exciting new software and services focused on the dynamic mobile consumer market worldwide,” said Tom Libretto, vice president, Forum Nokia, Nokia’s global developer support program. “This latest SDK helps third-party developers to build richer multimedia applications and deliver advanced mobile services to the broad base of mobile subscribers served by Nokia Series 40 high-volume devices around the world.”

“The advanced capabilities of these new Series 40 6th Edition devices will enable service providers to deliver the latest applications and content available to the broadest possible mobile subscriber base,” said Aage Snorgaard, vice president, Series 40 Software, Nokia. “Mobile application developers will find operators are increasingly eager to include their cutting-edge software and service offerings on Nokia high-volume Series 40 devices in markets worldwide.”

Series 40 6th Edition support for the Nokia WebKit Open Source Browser, previously available on the S60 smartphone platform, lets mobile content and service providers target Series 40 feature phones with full web look and feel.  Webkit Browser features include the popular Pointer user interface, Incremental Page Rendering, Page Overview and Visual History browsing, and the user-favorite Minimap browsing that allows for easy screen navigation of full-size web pages.

Series 40 6th Edition supports the interoperable Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 platform, enabling rich graphical mobile content that is further enhanced by an expanded main screen UI resolution that facilitates additional opportunities for development and delivery of industry-leading software and services. The Series 40 6th Edition’s new HVGA Portrait 320×480 main screen UI resolution brings devices like the Nokia 6260 slide unprecedented access to streaming video, image rendering, mobile 3D graphics and scalable 2D Vector graphics.

The Series 40 6th Edition now includes location API (JSR-179), allowing developers to write exciting location-aware applications that can deliver new navigation and context-based services for the consumer mass market.

The Series 40 6th Edition SDK provides Java class libraries, APIs (including the Nokia UI API), relevant documentation and a device emulator for testing Java, Flash Lite and browser content.

Forming an important element of Nokia’s platform strategy for supporting mobile application development across all consumer segments and in all markets, Series 40 6th Edition shows Nokia’s commitment to offer the latest in mobile technologies and application development across all of its developer platforms and multiple handsets. Nokia’s device platform approach maximizes developers’ volume opportunities and minimizes the need to port applications and services to individual handsets. Developers can build core functionality on top of the platform technologies and then optimize their applications for user interfaces and technology extensions on specific target devices.

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