Geek IT stores launches

Geek commenced authorized China Mobile Retailer Program through its new portal The portal will be focussed on educating the Indian mobile retailers on tech support & repairing issues of Chinese mobiles.

” With the exploding market share of Chinese mobiles, the customer buying confidence is low due to lack of tech support & repairing, i personally blame the Indian importers who bring in cheap quality(mobiles destined for African market) and resell to Indian mobile retailers” added Amit Nayak, CEO, Geek IT Stores.

Geek through its authorized franchise network, resells branded chinese mobiles with full warranty, and intends to offer the same through its china mobile vendor program.

Nilesh Patel -Head Sourcing, commented “We are offering this retailer program, free of cost to Indian mobile retailers, focus in on tech support & after sales support”.

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