Epson launches new all-in-one projector - EMP DM 1

Epson, the world leader* in data projectors, announced the launch of the EPSON EMP-DM1. Designed for users craving for the big screen but hate the fuss of wires, the EPSON EMP-DM1 packs a high quality projector with a pair of stereo speakers and a DVD player for the absolute multimedia experience.

The new projector boasts a wide range of connectivity options and offers superb ease of use. Designed to reduce complicated audio-visual setup to an effortless plug-and-play concept, this all-in-one (AIO) projector is also versatile enough for use in a wide range of applications including home entertainment, and for corporate meeting rooms and classroom use.

Projector, sound and DVD player
The EPSON EMP-DM1 is equipped with a standard definition projector, a pair of eight-watt stereo speakers and a full-featured DVD player. Decked in a pearl white and light grey colour scheme, this AIO projector is an aesthetic fit to your living room. For maximum portability, the weight (3.8kg) and size of the new projector is almost half of its predecessor, making the EPSON EMP-DM1 one of the smallest and lightest AIO projectors available.

Handy enough to trot, for home users, the projector delivers appeal with the instant home theatre proposition. Minimalists will be pleased with lack of excessive wiring. Simply plug in the power, slide in the DVD and start enjoying your movies. No complicated video and audio setup at all. Operations are also kept straightforward with a user-friendly interface.

Audio is provided courtesy of the built-in eight-watt stereo speakers, which are capable of filling the living room with great sound. The speakers support major audio formats including virtual surround sound, including Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround.

Aside from DVD, the optical disc player also plays a wide range of video formats including DivX, Video CD and Super Video CD. The EPSON EMP-DM1 can also replace home mini sound systems with its ability to play audio CDs, MP3, and WMA files.

For meetings and classroom purposes, the projector’s wide array of connectivity options allows direct laptop connection. In keeping with trends, a USB port is available for playback from USB flash drives – a useful feature for presenting JPEG images, DivX videos or full multimedia presentations. The EPSON EMP-DM1 comes complete with a comfortable carry handle so moving the projector between rooms becomes easy too.

The EPSON EMP-DM1 is truly an all-in-one projector, capable of presenting the most engaging visuals backed with full sound, all at an affordable pricing. At a breakthrough price of Rs. 61,300 the projector is an ideal addition to your home viewing experience or as a business/teaching aid. The projector is available from January 2008.


* Worldwide market share statistics for FY 2005 (April 05 – March 06), quoted from source - Decision Tree Consulting Limited.

Epson and all associated marks are trademarks of Seiko Epson Corporation.

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