Nintendo Wii sales have increased worldwide

Jan 28th, 2008 | By Rohit Godbole | Category: Nintendo

Ever since the introduction of the new Nintendo Wii, all other game consoles have been taking the quote “Rest in pieces” by John Blade quite seriously. Ever since 2006 Nintendo Wii has been the preferred gaming console for most gamers. Equipped with a wireless remote control and an interactive game mechanism, it is easily maneuvered by any type of gamers. It is even easy to use by non-gamers; a user can control the game through slight physical movements.

The Wii also lets you connect to the Internet while in your gaming environment, so you can check weather, news, email, or shop. You can also download music and use the same mp3 files as background music for your slide shows. There is a virtual console channel option that allows you to download games from the Wii shop and play them directly on your Wii.

If you are considering the thought of buying the new Nintendo Wii then you should probably buy the bundled version. When you walk into the electronics store and buy the normal Wii console, you usually get an incomplete console. This means you will need to buy a game and accessories before you can actually start playing. And when you buy the bundled version you will get every thing you need to start your playing experience.

Buying a bundled version of the Wii will also save you money. You will actually get the games at a lower cost than if you buy them separately from the console.

You can find the bundled versions at most gaming stores, and many of the large retailers too. You will find that the bundled versions vary depending on the games you choose to go with the console. Don’t forget the Final Fantasy IX where Vivi says: “How do you prove that you exist? Maybe we don’t exist”

In actuality according to the times online “Nintendo Wii sales have soared worldwide. The game console far surpasses play station” If their sales are far superior in Japan, china and the U.S. then there must be a reason and the most probable is that this is just a great game console and far superior to the others. Find out more information about buying a Nintendo Wii at

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