Kodak launches T-Max 400

T-max 400

The new Kodak T-Max 400

For decades, the world’s greatest photographers have trusted Kodak’s black-and-white films to help them achieve the best of their artistic visions. Eastman Kodak Company now enhances its black-and-white professional film portfolio with the introduction of an improved KODAK PROFESSIONAL T-MAX 400 Film.

The new film, utilizing Kodak’s patented T-GRAIN emulsions, delivers finer grain and higher sharpness. T-MAX 400 now stands alone as the world’s finest grained and the world’s sharpest 400-speed black-and-white film, offering photographers a level of clarity normally only available from a 100-speed film. T-GRAIN emulsions, first introduced 25 years ago, remain the gold standard in the photographic industry.

“The new T-MAX 400 film provides a grain structure that is superior to anything I’ve seen in a 400-speed film,” said noted photographer and master print maker John Sexton. “That, combined with Kodak’s legendary quality control and consistency, makes this film a most valuable tool.”

In a recent survey conducted by Kodak, professional photographers cited the benefits of black-and-white film. Although professional photographers acknowledge that digital cameras offer certain benefits, they said that film better captures certain images, particularly black-and-white photos. The majority (90 percent) of photographers produce black-and-white images, with 47 percent saying black-and-white photography allows them to create a certain look and feel and differentiate themselves. More than half of them (57 percent) prefer using film to achieve this desired effect.

The new T-MAX 400 complements Kodak’s full range of black-and-white films, which professional photographers use to convey power, subtlety, mystery or reality in their work and achieve a distinctive look. In addition to T-MAX 400, the portfolio includes:

T-MAX 100: The world’s finest-grained, 100-speed black-and-white film allows an extremely high level of enlargement and delivers maximum image quality when shooting fine detail

TRI-X: The beloved film, an industry favorite for more than 50 years, offers a distinctive grain structure, coupled with a wide exposure latitude to leverage even the most challenging lighting situations.

BW400CN: The finest-grained chromogenic film in the world, processed in C-41 chemistry, delivers black-and-white prints on color paper with smooth neutral tones and amazing highlight and shadow detail – even when enlarged.

PLUS-X 125: A classic general-purpose film for outdoor or studio photography.

T-MAX P3200: The first ultra-high speed B&W film

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