Quark launches Quark7

Quark announced the launch of Quark Publishing System (QPS 7), the next generation of the world’s leading collaborative workflow system. Designed with a new open, standards-based architecture, QPS 7 integrates seamlessly with existing business systems and complementary publishing solutions – simplifying the editorial, creative and production processes for publishers and corporations with demanding workflows.

Now supporting QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkCopyDesk 7, QPS 7 is re-engineered from the ground up and introduces a number of compelling new features:

  • Based on Java technology, true Service Oriented Architecture, and Spring Framework Java™/J2EE™, QPS 7 is one of the most advanced publishing systems available today;
  • An updated roles-based user interface simplifies daily tasks;
  • Certification with HSQL and Microsoft SQL means QPS 7 supports industry-standard databases; and
  • QPS 7’s Web Editor leverages QuarkXPress Server 7, Quark’s powerful core publishing technology. QuarkXPress Server 7 adds extensive new capabilities and core functionality to the system, such as export of content in a variety of formats — including PDF and XML, as well as full-size previews and thumbnails of QuarkXPress layouts and QuarkCopyDesk files.

"We are very excited about the new architecture of QPS7," said Michael Sweet, vice president of operations, PCI, a developer located in Broomfield, Colorado. "By integrating Scriba, our XML-based rules engine, with QPS7, we can offer our magazine, newspaper and book publishing clients a complete XML solution for both print-to-web and web-to-print workflows."

Other systems integrators and developers supporting QPS 7 include:

  • Automatrix plc – Based in London, Automatrix serves corporate and commercial publishers with product implementation, solution architecture and other services
  • Avatar Digital Publishing Solutions - Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Avatar specializes in database application development, workflow analysis and cross media publishing development
  • A&F Computersysteme AG – Based in Switzerland, A&F provides 24×7/365 support, strategy, graphics, product implementation and solution architecture
  • Blend Innovations, Inc – Based in Venice, California, Blend-In provides 24×7/365 support, business process, strategy, graphics and product implementation
  • Canto – Based in Berlin, Germany, Canto uses a network of certified partners to provide installation and integrations services
  • CoDesCo IT Consulting GmbH (Extended Technologies) - Based in Oststeinbek, Germany, CoDesCo specializes in customized client solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing systems
  • Dataplan – Based in Hamburg, Germany, Dataplan supports publishers with the planning of their magazine structure and page setup for newspapers
  • e-nvention – Lucerne, Switzerland-based software company e-nvention develops user programs, server applications and web solutions
  • InterRed GmbH – Located in Haiger and Siegen, Germany, InterRed is a leader in the field of content management, knowledge retrieval and solutions for process optimization for cross-media publications
  • IPA Systems Limited – Located in Cheltenham, UK, IPA Systems provides software solutions for editorial and pre-press, together with imagesetter and CTP output devices for the printing industry
  • Picturesafe – Located in Hamburg and Hannover, Germany, Picturesafe specializes in multimedia data and logistics, business operations, and information and communication processes
  • Q-Integrators – Based in Ontario, Canada, Q-Integrators specializes in the implementation of pagination at newspapers and magazines
  • RECRO-NET – Croatia-based RECRO-NET has formed partnerships with global hardware and software producers to deliver solutions to satisfy those needs in a flexible and cost-effective manner
  • Sinedita – Torino, Italy-based Sinedita built one of the first European database publishing solutions to automate processes and streamline workflow for the large-scale typographic pagination of data
  • Like the original QPS, QPS 7 retains its out-of-the box simplicity, ease of deployment, and refined overall end-user experience.

QPS 7’s service-oriented architecture built on Java Spring framework enables systems integrators and developers to rapidly develop and integrate unique solutions for their customers. QPS was re-architected to complement system integrators’ and developers’ technology choices, reducing the cost and time it takes to deliver a solution.

“We are pleased to introduce QPS 7 into the market, setting a new standard for collaborative workflow systems,” said Linda Chase, general manager of QPS for Quark. “With QPS7 we have built an open system that enables our partners to quickly deliver reliable publishing solutions that help their customers manage their demanding workflows.”

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