Toshiba launches range of new products

Comprehensive HD DVD line-up

Qosmio G45

Toshiba’s new HD DVD laptop

Toshiba has further expanded its lineup of HD DVD-ROM capable notebook computers to give users the industry’s fullest portfolio of high-definition mobile computing solutions mixing price points and screen sizes. The five Toshiba HD DVD enabled notebook computers, include the Qosmio® G45, Qosmio F45, Satellite® X205, Satellite P205 and Satellite A205 with select configurations starting as low as $1,1491. These HD DVD enabled notebooks feature high-definition widescreen displays with resolutions of either 720p or 1080p and sizes ranging from 15.4-inches to 17-inches.

Along with the attractive price points of the HD DVD notebook and a growing number of approximately 330 HD DVD movie titles, such as “300,” “Disturbia,” “Heroes,” “The Matrix Trilogy,” “Letters from Iwo Jima,” “Smokin’ Aces” and “Dream Girls,” Toshiba is offering a limited time giveaway incentive. With the purchase of a HD DVD enabled Toshiba notebook, consumers qualify to receive five HD DVD titles for free, from a selection of 15 popular titles, via a mail-in offer. Eligible models and complete offer details are available online, and will extend until February 28, 2008.

The HD DVD format provides viewers with a visual experience that is beyond the current DVD standard, in terms of resolution and sound quality. Today’s DVD format has a maximum playback resolution of 480p, while HD DVDs offer an image resolution that is up to six times sharper. Next-generation HD DVDs provide a viewing experience with brighter colors, enhanced details and greater overall image sharpness, which can be compared to the dramatic quality leap forward from VHS to DVD.

In terms of sound quality, each HD DVD enabled notebook computer has the capability of outputting a cinema-like audio experience, through Dolby® Home Theater™ or Dolby Sound Room™ technology. The Qosmio G45, Qosmio F45 and Satellite X205 utilize Dolby Home Theater technology, which places the user in the middle of the onscreen action for a rich and engaging surround sound experience from a variety of audio outputs, such as stereos, multi-channel audio sources, headphones, and 2-channel or 5.1-channel speaker systems and built-in Harman Kardon® Bass Reflex stereo speakers with subwoofer. Meanwhile, the Satellite P205 and Satellite A205 notebooks harness Dolby Sound Room Technology, which delivers an amazing virtual surround sound experience from stereo speakers or any pair of headphones. Dolby Sound Room is designed for environments where multiple surround speakers are neither practical nor possible.

The Gigabeat T400

Gigabeat T400

The Toshiba Gigabeat T400 MP3 player

Toshiba’s Digital Products announced the gigabeat® T400, the company’s first flash-based portable digital media player featuring high-end audio H2C audio enhancement technology and support for WMA Lossless audio files for $119.99 (about Rs 5,000). Toshiba has also expanded its recycling program to include its gigabeat® portable media player lineup.

Toshiba’s gigabeat T400 incorporates H2C technology to improve the quality of compressed audio for an unmatched listening experience. H2C technology enhances the quality of MP3 and WMA audio files by restoring some of a song’s treble & bass signals that get lost when tracks are ripped. In addition to H2C, the gigabeat T400 can play WMA Lossless music files to further supply users with the option of enjoying music at the highest level possible from a compressed file format. These functions are enhanced through a 1-bit digital amplifier, and DCTSC filter, which reduce noise in audible frequencies.

The gigabeat T400 has 4GB2 of NAND flash memory that can store up to 1000 songs3, 4,000 photos3 and up to six hours of video3. To take advantage of this storage capacity, the gigabeat T400 can deliver up to 16 hours4 of audio playback or up to 5 hours4 of video playback on a single battery charge4. Toshiba also designed the gigabeat T400 with a stunning 2.4-inch LCD color display, which is one of the largest screens in this class of flash-based portable media players. As a mobile companion, the gigabeat T400 is constructed with a magnesium alloy frame to give the player a greater level of strength and durability.

Each gigabeat sports Toshiba’s PlusPadTM control button to provide an easy and intuitive user-experience for navigating an extensive library of music and video files, including MP3, WMA WAV, WMA Lossless and WMV. Meanwhile, the Toshiba gigabeat T400 is compatible with Windows Media Player version 10 and above, which makes transferring entire media collections as simple as a few clicks. The gigabeat T400 is compatible with some of the most popular download sites on the Internet, including Napster® and eMusic®. Through these sites, gigabeat users have access to a database of several million songs.

Expansion of Satellite A215 Series

Satellite A205

Toshiba has expanded the A215 series

Toshiba also announced the addition of several new configurations to its award-winning, AMD-based Satellite® A215 notebook computer series with a starting price of $699.991. The new Satellite A215 models include variations of AMD’s most advanced mobile dual-core processors, including the AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Gold Edition2 and AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor.

Toshiba continues to couple AMD-based Satellite A215 series with the ATI Radeon™ X1200 graphics3 to deliver a heightened level of multimedia functionality and smooth video playback. The Satellite A215-S7472, Toshiba’s premiere Satellite A215 configuration will feature the ATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD 2400 graphics3 card with 128MB discrete memory for better gaming and graphics experiences.

Additional multimedia features include a high-capacity Serial-ATA hard drive up to 250GB4, a DVD SuperMulti drive and a high definition 15.4-inch diagonal widescreen TruBrite® display. Select configurations of the Satellite A215 series will include an embedded 1.3 megapixel Webcam, Labelflash™ technology and Ulead® DVD MovieFactory® 5 for Toshiba.

The webcam is an ideal solution for video conferencing with friends and family, as well as a tool for enhancing personal multimedia projects or visual journaling. Labelflash gives users the ability to burn high-quality images and text onto specially coated DVD-R disks for a more finished and professional look as well as a clean way to organize extensive disc collections. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 for Toshiba allows users to easily import and edit digital home movie footage to digitally create personal family masterpieces.

AMD Portfolio spruced up

Also launched was the Satellite® P205D, featuring AMD’s leading-edge processor and graphics technology for enhanced computing capabilities and graphics. This desktop replacement is available in such configurations as the Satellite P205D-S7479 and Satellite P205D-S7438, which are equipped with the latest AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Mobile Technology Gold Edition TL-64 processor1 and AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor TK-55 processor1 respectively. Each processor is designed for mobility and is loaded with a suite of advanced features designed to increase productivity while conserving energy. The AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core processors offer leading 32-bit performance for notebooks, as well as 64-bit2 capability that enhances the capability of the notebook by allowing it to process more information with greater speed and efficiency. Additionally such technology allows users to enjoy the profound visual experience that’s possible through Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system.

In addition to the enhanced video computing capabilities, the Satellite P205D-S7479 comes with a DVD SuperMulti drive, Labelflash™ technology, a built-in Webcam and two built-in Harman Kardon® stereo speakers and a sub-woofer for a crisp and lively audio experience.

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