Dumb iPod Accessories: They may be popular!

From the dumb accessories department comes the iXoundWear iPod hat. And their latest claim to fame is that they have designs on the latest iPod Nano.

iXoundWear(TM) has announced the company will have caps specifically designed for the iPod(R) Nano 3rd generation, one of the latest iPod(R) models recently released by Apple Inc. The caps will most likely be ready for shipment by November 1st and will come in colors coordinated with new Nano players (green, red, blue, white and black). Users will be able to choose between Sport Caps and Running Caps: distinguishable by the type of fabric deployed, both models will target an active audience, people who love to exercise with their iPod(R), but hate the hassle of wires. The price for these new caps is to be set at $19.95 (about Rs 1,100), consequently iXoundWear has repositioned the price range of their current products: hats, visors and beanies for iPod(R) are now offered at $15.95 (about Rs 700) at iXoundWear.com and Amazon.com (prices start at $9.95; about Rs 420).

Karl Foust, iXoundWear’s CEO, says: "We are very excited about the new iPod(R) Nano 3rd generation and our design team has been working hard to make our caps compatible. Our products have been extremely well accepted among people with an active lifestyle, because they love the freedom of exercising without the restrictions of being entangled in ear-bud wires. I’m thrilled about our new products and our new competitive pricing. In the next few months we will be introducing some "universal" hats, which will be compatible with many small players from different manufacturers. We will also announce a complete new line of caps designed according to the "urban" style, more appealing to a younger audience."


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