Third coming for N-Gage with Crash Bandicoot

After recently announcing that they would be bringing back the N-Gage platform, Nokia has announced that they are teaming up with Vivendi Games Mobile, a division of Vivendi Games, to bring the legendary Crash Bandicoot franchise to Nokia’s new N-Gage mobile gaming platform launching this fall.

According to The New York Times:

Owners of phones that run N-Gage software will be able to play games against friends, sample, buy and recommend new games from their phones, and compete in large tournaments.

Tomi Huttula, a Nokia product manager, said the old 2003 N-Gage and its successor, 2004’s N-Gage QD, were good ideas that were ahead of their time. “Today’s phones are so capable. The graphics problem has been removed. And phones today are always connected and you always carry them with you. Phones are now the perfect device for gaming.”

Crash Bandicoot follows the original storyline where the crazy marsupial must save the world. Jam packed with action and comedy, the player must take on the role of Crash to defeat the game’s villain and mad scientist, Dr. Neo Cortex. More information about the Crash franchise can be found at the official Crash Bandicoot Web site. [Release]

[NY Times link via GigaOM]

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