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Pano Logic announced the industry’s first all hardware, no software desktop device, designed specifically for server-based desktop virtualization. Pano Logic has invented a purpose-built desktop virtualization architecture that surpasses today’s desktop PC, leveraging the powerful trend toward server virtualization. The PanoTM device connects keyboard, mouse, display, audio and USB peripherals over an existing IP network to an instance of Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows XP running on a virtualized server. Moving all software off the desktop to the server, the Pano device has no CPU, no memory, no operating system and no drivers. Pano reduces desktop TCO by 70 percent and eliminates the desktop as a security risk. Using functionality enabled by server virtualization, Pano delivers not only a complete Microsoft Windows experience, including full USB support, but also a new set of high-value features not available with desktop PC and thin client architectures.

70 percent reduction in desktop TCO

  • By moving all software off the desktop and onto the server, Pano reduces desktop TCO by 70 percent — saving $3200 per desktop over three years.
  • Pano desktop devices have no software, so they require no software updates
  • Physical visits to the desktop endpoint by IT personnel are eliminated
  • Software installations and upgrades are performed centrally
  • Server virtualization efficiently shares hardware across the entire user population
  • Malware on the client is not possible because Pano has no software
  • Pano consumes only 5 watts – 3% of a typical PC – making it the ultimate green alternative

“While desktop PCs might be inexpensive to acquire, the support cost is not,” said Michael Rose, associate research analyst for Client Virtualization Software at IDC. “The use of Pano’s technology can help organizations realize the benefits associated with the use of virtual desktop infrastructures by deploying client devices that do not require software management.”

Going beyond today’s desktop

Using functionality enabled by server virtualization, Pano provides high-value features not offered by Windows. With a single touch of the Pano ButtonTM, the user may choose from a set of actions that instantly solve painful desktop management problems. The Pano Button can be configured by IT or solution providers to orchestrate services provided by the server platform. Examples of configurable Pano Button actions are:

  • Rolling back from a corrupted Windows instance to a known good instance
  • Switching between virtual machines set up with software for different job functions

The Pano Button symbolizes Pano Logic’s rethinking of desktop computing to take full advantage of virtualization, going beyond Windows to provide a superior user experience. “We are deploying Pano to help us more easily and cost-effectively manage the desktops at our branches,” said David Grant, CIO of Affinity Bank. “We’ve already virtualized many of our desktops in the branch offices, and we feel that Pano’s approach will allow us to provide more security and control over our virtual desktop environment. Features like the Pano button are incredibly helpful, allowing users to access role-based work environments depending on the function they are performing at that point in time within the bank.”

Strong security at the desktop

Because it has no software, the Pano zero client design provides a secure desktop that is immune to viruses and other malware. Pano gives IT centralized access control to all USB ports. Pano security features include:

  • USB security – granular access control can be set easily based on user and type of peripheral. Specific operations can be blocked, allowed, or recorded as needed.
  • Information leakage prevention – local storage can be disabled to prevent users from copying information to local devices, including any USB devices.
  • Network security – Traffic is protected using 128-bit AES encryption.

“The right model for desktop computing is to have zero software — and hence no pain — at the desktop, and to centralize all software and management in the data center. And when there is no software on the desktop, a majority of today’s desktop security problems vanish,” said Nick Gault, CEO of Pano Logic. “The Pano architecture fully delivers on the promise of virtualization for the desktop.”

Complete desktop virtualization solution

The Pano solution comprises Pano desktop devices and Pano server software running on top of virtualized servers. For customers new to virtualization or looking for an entry-level solution, Pano includes an installer that sets up the entire software suite — including VMware Server — to deploy a virtualized desktop architecture in minutes. Pano sets up a fresh installation of VMware Server automatically, avoiding a complicated bare-metal install. For customers already using virtualization software, Pano can be installed on top of an existing VMware ESX deployment. Pano is the fastest, most convenient way to server-based desktop virtualization.

“We have provided managed services around traditional desktops for 24 years, and see desktop virtualization as a new, high-value service we can offer customers,” said Chris Chirgwin, CEO of Lanspeed, a leading IT outsourcing and solutions provider headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. “With Pano, we can deliver a valuable new service that is quick and easy to deploy. Pano’s unique zero client devices will enable Lanspeed to be much more profitable at desktop management, and the configurable Pano Button will allow us to offer additional services around the core Pano solution.”

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