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HD Communications Corp., a company with expertise in wireless communications, has introduced a wireless access point unlike most others. This wireless access point installs in your wall using a standard CAT5 Ethernet cable to both power it and bring data to it. "Hotels, motels, schools, hospitals, businesses, and homes can now replace their standard in-wall network jack with our new in-wall access point," said Don Davis, President and CEO of HD Communications Corp.

The HD24613 installs in a single gang box and the company offers a low-voltage install ring as an option. Davis also stated that "there have been other in-wall access points offered by others but they are too big, too expensive, and often required additional proprietary equipment to use them. We just made it simple, requiring only a PoE injector which we supply with the HD24613."

The HD24613 is ideal for institutions that are already wired for CAT5 and now need both a wired connection as well as a wireless solution in each room. “The HD24613 has an RJ-45 connector on the front of the unit so a user will not lose their wired connection while obtaining a wireless connection in each room," Davis stated. For large installations a PoE switch is available to support up to 24 in-wall access points. When asked about wireless range of the unit, Davis stated, “our expertise in wireless communications allowed us to overcome barriers in obtaining long-range indoor wireless connectivity."

The HD24613 will sell for $199 (about Rs 8,000) on their website and is expected to begin shipping by the end of August.

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