Sennheiser launches ‘Sport’ range in India

Sennheiser’s ‘Sport’ range of headphones have made it to India are now available widely. The headphones, priced between Rs 2,290 and Rs 3,190 are designed for those who love the great outdoors. This range is available in various combinations of greens, white and sporty grey colors. The range includes six products that boast of a variety of features that make them an irresistible companion to your MP3 player. The features include water-resistant earpieces and a cable that remains soft and flexible at high temperatures of up to 50 C.

Read on for details about all products

MX 70 Sport & MX 70 VC Sport: The winner of the iF Product Design Award, MX 70 Sport is a set of earphones with magnetic surfaces and comes with a convenient volume control. These earphones are ideal for joggers. The faces of the earpieces are magnetic, allowing these attractive models to be casually clipped around the neck whenever the headphone is not being used. The earphones come complete with a carrying case and an extension cable for the asymmetrical cable. This allows a player to be worn at different heights, with a convenient cable clip to hold the connection cable to the clothing. Ear adapters ensure an optimum fit inside the ear canal. The model MX 70 VC Sport also has a lanyard with a volume control integrated into the cable, and the earpieces can be clipped to this. Price: MX 70 Sport: Rs. 2,290 | MX 70 VC Sport: Rs. 2,590

MXL 70 VC Sport: This model has an additional feature: a lanyard with a volume control and a small, removable cord that secures the mobile player to the neck strap. For sports enthusiasts who prefer to keep their player in their pocket, an extension cable is included. Price: Rs. 2,990

MX 75 Sport: Struggle no more to keep on your earphones as you jog! The MX 75 Sport ear-phones feature an innovative, patent-pending “twist-to-fit” system that guarantees optimum fit during all kinds of sports. A small “stopper” that is twisted gently into the outer ear makes sure that the earpiece stays in place even during the most energetic activities. Rubber pads in various sizes ensure optimum fit and comfort. The earpieces themselves also have a choice of three sizes, allowing them to be optimally adapted to the ear canal. Price: Rs. 2,990

LX 70 Sport: One of the most unusual models, the headband in LX 70 has been replaced by a thin, flexible plastic tube with a metal core. The extremely lightweight model (patent pending) has a single-sided cable attachment and comes complete with ear adapters, a cable clip and a case into which the flexi-headphones elegantly slide after use. Maximum flexibility is the trademark of these completely new “flex” headphones. Price: Rs. 2,490

PMX 70 Sport: These neckband headphones are both sturdy and ergonomically optimized. Their vertical transducer system ensures that they sit extremely comfortably, and the single-sided cable attachment and practical cable clip allow absolute freedom of movement during sports. Price: Rs. 3,190

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