USB turntables from Ion-Audio

ION Audio, has launched two new turntables that extend ION’s industry- leading line of USB vinyl-to-MP3 devices. The iTTUSB05 and iTTUSB10 turntables represent the next generation of the company’s original iTTUSB product, which was introduced last year and is the highest-selling device offered by ION.

Each new ION turntable provides a plug-and-play solution for consumers who want a simple way to enjoy and preserve their vinyl records. The iTTUSB05 and iTTUSB10 each come complete with EZ Vinyl Converter software, a new program by MixMeister available exclusively to ION Audio that quickly converts vinyl tracks directly to iTunes(R). Other features of the new USB turntables include dust covers to protect the record, stylus and slip mat; built-in pre-amps eliminating the need for an audio receiver with phono-in jack; integrated RCA cables; and 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM playback speeds. Each new product comes pre- packaged with accessories including a USB cable and 45 adaptor.

The iTTUSB05 is ideal for people using traditional home stereo racks who are looking for a way to play their albums while also archiving and digitizing their vinyl music collection. The slim chassis and front-facing controls allow the iTTUSB05 to fit easily into existing stereo set-ups, and an integrated USB port makes it simple to hook up the device to a PC or Mac for quick vinyl conversion to MP3 digital audio.

The iTTUSB10 features the plug-and-play technology of the iTTUSB05 and incorporates an evolved round-edge design and additional mechanical features such as an S-shaped tone arm and tone arm lift lever. The iTTUSB10 also has enhanced output, allowing the user to easily switch between phono and line output. As with all ION Audio turntables, the iTTUSB10 includes a USB port for easy, single-cable connection to a Mac or PC.

Both products are currently available at nationwide retailers. The iTTUSB05 has a price of $149.99 (Rs 6,500 approx) while the iTTUSB10 costs about $249.99 (Rs 10,500 approx.).

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  1. Please let me know where I can get this turntable in Kolkata/India and what is the price in INR.

  2. @Dibyendu: Don’t think they are officially available in India. Try eBay or some online dealers they list on their site.