Running late? No problem!

Always running late? There isn’t a gadget or software that can solve the problem and make you arrive on time, but there is one which will alert those waiting for you about your status and save you the trouble of coming up with a new excuse every time! Using a popular calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook, users no longer have to place “Oops I’m late!” calls to peers and/or bosses. The software does it for you by calculating the distance between your location and destination, and notifying designated contacts if you are running late.

Oops I’m Late! is a unique application that does not require entering coordinates. The program does it for you, integrating GPS into existing appointment information. The result: No more frantic “I’m late” emails or text messages for the user, and an appreciated status report for the waiting parties.

The application solves the age-old problem of keep in touch with someone while traveling. Up until the last 100 years, communication based upon arrival was dependent upon ship communications that could took months or years if the boat ever arrived at all. In the last 20 years, cell phone advances have caused many people to talk while driving and eating, sometimes all three at once. Oops I’m Late! makes the notifications you want instantly, effortlessly and transparently.

Oops I’m Late! utilizes a Creative Commons-licensed formula found at The open-source formula calculates ETA by dividing distance by rate, taking into account the current time, GPS location and appointment location. The user receives a 30-second countdown warning if s/he misses the scheduled arrival time; unless disabled, Oops I’m Late! will notify specified contacts that s/he’ll be late.

Geocoding (or converting a street address into latitude and longitude coordinates) is provided by another open source service called Once a user has geocoded the location for where they need to go, they no longer need to be connected to the Internet. Designated individuals are notified in the manner each are set. Currently supported are SMS text messages and email, as well as automatically phoning a default contact (professional version only). Air charges may apply based upon each user’s subscriber agreement with their mobile operator.

The Oops I’m Late! major use case is for familiar locations such as regular engagements, trips to the store, and so on. Scenarios include:

  • Weekly meeting at distant location with variable start time

  • On way to location during traffic on freeway

  • Long trips with an unknown amount of starts and stops (think trip to the country/city)

  • Dates, business meetings, special occasions

  • Any travel that requires occasional contact as to ETA

  • Failsafes: No notification if the GPS is lost, no false positive “lates”

Oops I’m Late! costs $69.99 (Rs 3,000) for the Standard edition and $99.99 (Rs 4,200) for the Professional edition.

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