ASUS debuts GTX550 Ti DirectCU Ultimate and TOP Edition Graphics Cards

The new ASUS Ultimate GTX550 Ti DirectCU and GTX550 Ti DirectCU TOP continue ASUS graphics card tradition, shipping overclocked power up to 1015 MHz for exceptional gaming performance. ASUS exclusive DirectCU offers the advantages of 20% cooling out of its direct GPU contact, all-copper cooling design, as well as exclusive Super Alloy Power quality components for faster performance and longer lifespan.

Product highlights

* New Ultimate GTX550 Ti DirectCU and GTX550 Ti DirectCU TOP graphics cards use top-grade cores and ship factory overclocked to 1015MHz and 975MHz*, respectively, much faster than the 900MHz default.
* ASUS GTX550 Ti DirectCU cards apply award-winning DirectCU cooling with all-copper heat pipes touching the GPU core directly for improved heat transference - running up to 20%* cooler than reference under full load.
* Super Alloy Power offers an exclusive ASUS development that injects a custom alloy mixture into critical power delivery components – offering a performance boost of 15%* and running up to 35°C cooler than reference. Super Alloy Power graphics cards also average a 2.5* times longer product lifespan compared to generic designs.

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