McAfee, Inc. releases report on Web2.0 Technology Adoption at workplace

McAfee, Inc. world’s largest dedicated security company released a new report titled “Web 2.0: A Complex Balancing Act” in collaboration with Purdue University’s CERIAS research group. The report highlights the use, benefits and perceived risks of Web 2.0 technologies’ adoption at the Indian workplace and presents the corresponding security concerns that organizations face today. It also states that the most significant consequences from inappropriate social media usage are loss of reputation, brand, or client confidence.

The survey was conducted amongst more than 1,000 organizational decision-makers in 17 countries and shows high adoption of Web 2.0 in the enterprise. More than 75 percent of organizations reported using Web 2.0 solutions for many business functions. Web 2.0 adoption is lowest in the United States and the Commonwealth countries of the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. While adoption rates vary across countries, India along with Brazil and Spain, leads the adoption of Web 2.0 technology for business activities.

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