Panasonic initiates Ecos’kool, a nationwide environment programme

Panasonic, the worldwide leader in technology and innovation, has initiated “Ecos’kool”, a nationwide environment sensitization programme across 100 schools which will encourage and engage young minds to contribute towards a greener tomorrow.   The programme, which kick started in Delhi and Chandigarh on  September 14th and October 7th respectively , will continue till Feb 2011. A pilot programme across 7 schools has successfully concluded as part of phase I.

According to Mr.Arjun Balakrishnan, Director Operations and Planning, Panasonic India, “The Ecos’kool concept is one among the many remarkable initiatives being undertaken by Panasonic across the globe as part of its “Go Green” commitment. Through this programme, we hope to create awareness about environmental issues in the present day scenario and ways to curtail the same amongst the youth in a fun filled and engaging manner.”

The Ecos’kool activity involves educating school children by taking out time from their schedules, engaging them in an hour long fun filled session, sharing alarming environmental issues and highlighting how their modest contribution can bring about a change. As educating in the budding stage creates a lifetime impact, Panasonic has chosen an age bracket of 9 years- 12 years to inculcate the conservation thought process.

The activity which involves participation of students in the first stage and their parents in the next is conducted by promoters with good communication and presentation skills to generate an interest. Panasonic also presents participating children with badges and certificates to give them a sense of pride in playing a vital role in making the planet greener and safer to live. Also, as part of the programme, the promoter distributes leaves on which the students write their names. To add to the enthusiasm, a graffiti wall is created with the names of the students who have pledged to conserve the environment. The students are also invited to join the “ecoskool” community on Facebook.

“I am very excited about joining the ecos’kool club on Facebook. I really liked this session as it has helped me to be more responsible towards the environment. I enjoyed the programme thoroughly”, were the words of Navya, a student of grade 5, Gurusharan School

When asked about what Gervit Sachdeva, a student of class4, Springdales School thought about this initiative, he said, “I am very happy that I was part of this activity as I got to learn about the various problems faced by earth due to our carelessness, in such an interesting manner”.

“Panasonic is an organisation that is conscious about the environment and takes this initiative to speed this awareness towards the environmental issues”, added Ms..Onika Malhotra  Principal, Kalka School.

Mrs. Soma Banerjee, Headmistress of Springdales School further added, “Our children at Springdales are quite aware about their environment. Panasonic group’s endeavour to sensitize them towards the present environmental and global issues has developed a sense of curiosity in them. They are ready to innovate and experiment for a clean and green earth.”

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