Mobile 4 Mumbai to launch Mumbai city bus guide on Mobile phones

Many times people are taking wrong bus or questioned about which bus one should take to go to particular place.Mobile 4 Mumbai is coming out with a very useful product of providing BEST bus guide on mobile phone.Raxit Sheth, co-founder has announced the availability of beta version to various technology group of Indias and getting outstanding response from all over the India.

As per the statment on official website of Mobile 4 Mumbai, Daily more than 42 lakh people are travelilng using BEST buses. It will help all mumbaikar to have this application on mobile phone,as all persons travelling are having mobile phone. It is very easy to search bus route information on mobile application then carrying booklet or ask the persons, The unique technology developed does not require GPRS (web/internet on mobile) or SMS. It is design in such a way that it will serve to majority people of Mumbai. Mobile 4 Mumbai can work on any Java enabled phone which may range from Rs. 2500 to Rs. 25000.

Mobile 4 Mumbai ( is Mumbai based innovative mobile application developer group with diversified talent and top notch programmer. One of the main focus of Mobile 4 Mumbai is to empoweringand bring the technology to Mumbaikar to make the life easier.

Many people reported feedback as one of the fastest growing and most useful application every mumbaikar must have.Raxit Sheth,Co-founder has also announced “Contribute and Get Famous”, Top-3 person who will provide maximum contribution to Mumbai Bus Route information will get their name on the application as credit.Also software industry has appreciated this innovative steps to make mumbaikar’s life easier and shown full support in the work. This application can be downloaded ans installed within a minutes from the website

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