ASUS unveils Formula Series graphics cards

ASUS today unveiled its Formula Series graphics cards for users who rank cooling as important as graphics performance. Inspired by Formula One racing cars, Formula Series graphics cards boast an aerodynamic design that leverages ASUS’ proprietary micro surface technology and a special dust-proof fan to improve thermal efficiency by up to 33%—keeping the card cool even during graphically intensive tasks.

“The ASUS Formula Series graphics cards are a perfect amalgamation of aesthetics and performance. Conceptualized and designed to give you that extra design exclusivity along with the performance to keep up with it, the Formula Series Graphics cards are for users who want their graphics cards to look the part they play – super cool and super fast. These graphics cards provide much better cooling than reference designed cards and run up to 33% cooler which is a dramatic improvement over existing standards”, commented Mr. Vinay Shetty, Country Head – Components Business, ASUS (India) about the launch of this new series of graphics cards.

The ASUS Formula Series graphics cards come with built-in double cooling solutions to cope up with the demands of high performance gaming. They increase overall heat dissipation efficiency by up to a whopping 33% in comparison to reference design cards*. On top of this unprecedented cooling capacity, Formula Series cards are also up to 12.4dB quieter than cards with generically designed fan-sinks—a 30% improvement—rendering them perfect for users who require maximum cooling without excessive fan rotation noise.

Taking its inspiration from the pinnacle of motor sports, the Formula Series incorporates design elements from the streamlined body of a Formula One racing car, relying on aerodynamic principles to increase airflow volume by 7% and to draw heat away from the GPU and other components. A heat-sink boasting ASUS’ proprietary Micro Surface Treatment improves heat dissipation by up to 14%, while a fan sporting a unique dust-proof design provides cooling for up to 10,000 hours longer than conventional fans. The cumulative effect is an improvement in heat dissipation efficiency by up to 33% as compared to reference design cards—propelling ASUS to the pole position in the graphics card cooling race. Cards in the Formula Series include the ASUS EAH4890 FORMULA/HTDI/1GD5 and EAH4770 FORMULA/DI/512MD5.

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