ASUS express TV Stick USB 2.0 Hybrid TV receiver with 4GB free extra storage

ASUS, producer of high quality TV tuners, has today released the new ASUS Express TV Stick. Featuring high quality digital (DVBT) and analog TV signal reception, plus a host of versatile utilities, this innovative product allows users to conveniently watch TV and enjoy access to multimedia entertainment wherever they may be.

Manual-free Auto-install for Easy Digital and Analog TV Viewing

Users will enjoy convenient TV viewing or recording in a few simple steps. By just inserting the ASUS Express TV Stick into the computer’s USB 2.0 port, it will automatically install software to enable recording or viewing of high-quality digital and analog TV programs. The ASUS Express TV Stick is the world’s first hybrid TV stick to come equipped with free memory that incorporates the pre-installed software. Therefore, all users have to do is to plug it into their PCs or NBs, whereupon the auto-installation function will install the driver and run the UI automatically. Watching TV with the ASUS Express TV Stick has never been easier!

Extra Storage with 4GB Built-in Flash Drive

One of the best features of the ASUS Express TV Stick is the free 4GBs of added memory. In addition to the convenience of auto-installation, users can utilize the extra storage just like any other thumb drive for data transfers. This makes it ultra convenient for users to record and store programs onto the ASUS Express TV Stick, then share them with their family or friends.

Immediate TV Viewing with ASUS Pop-Up TV Technology

Users will be able to conveniently watch TV programs on-the-go by simply plugging the ASUS Express TV Stick into a USB slot. Without the need for any external power adapter, the unique built-in ASUS Pop-Up TV technology will instantly display TV channels without requiring manually launched programs – making watching TV programs on the PC or laptop even easier. Furthermore, this TV tuner is fully compatible with Microsoft Vista Home Premium, Vista Home Basic, Vista Ultimate, and Windows XP platforms.

Useful Windows Vista Gadget Tool with ASUS GadgeTV Technology

The ASUS Express TV Stick provides a useful Windows Vista Gadget tool that allows users to watch and record live TV directly onto their Windows Vista sidebar. This manifests as a small window on the right hand side of the sidebar, where users can watch and record TV, or obtain snapshots. Users can do this even while they are surfing the Internet or while they are doing work—never missing a single moment of their favorite shows. They can even enlarge the video size to full-screen whenever they wish—allowing them to fully enjoy their TV programs at any time.

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