Solio adds solar-powered, hands free speaker phone to its range

Better Energy Systems, a leading manufacturer of portable renewable energy products, is pleased to announce the Solio Communicator at Mobile World Congress 2009. Designed to be the ultimate in ‘Eco-mobility’, the Solio Communicator uses the sun’s energy to provide virtually unlimited talk-time. Eliminating the need for complex inbuilt car kits and suited to those who would prefer not to use a Bluetooth headset, the Solio Communicator offers an environmentally friendly hands-free option which enables users to enjoy the functionality of a mobile phone safely and legally while driving.

The Solio Communicator uses an integrated solar panel to soak up the sunlight and store it within its internal Lithium-ion battery, holding its charge for up to a year. Ultra portable and weighing only 150 grams, the Solio Communicator sits comfortably on a dashboard, visor, window or flat surface using a versatile mounting system. A high fidelity directional microphone ensures that audio quality is at its maximum clarity when you make or receive a call. Whether using it while driving, or as a portable speakerphone, the Solio Communicator gives executives, frequent travellers and consumers the convenience of hands-free mobile communication powered by the sun.

The Solio Communicator is a hybrid device, meaning it can be charged from the sun, a USB port, wall adaptor or a 12v cigarette lighter socket. It is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled mobile phones and works straight out of the box. It will be launched officially mid 2009 and is expected to retail at EUR79.99. For further information, visit

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