SAP introduces Investigative Case Management software for police

SAP AG (NYSE: SAP) today introduced the SAP(R) Investigative Case Management for Public Sector package to support police and other investigating authorities in their efforts to prevent, detect and investigate crime. The new software package addresses a wider range of law enforcement needs across the complete investigation lifecycle — from instigation and initial investigation through secondary investigation, case finalization and review. By broadening its solution portfolio, SAP now integrates the back-office and core operational processes for investigating authorities. The announcement was made at the 12th European Police Congress, being held February 10-11 in Berlin, Germany.

Today more than ever, investigators are under pressure to make more arrests, increase conviction rates and deliver improved services to victims, witnesses and communities. In the past, police and law enforcement agencies have followed a silo-based approach, employing multiple databases, systems and custom software to meet their individual departments, specialist units or local team investigation needs. This creates significant integration, information sharing and data-quality challenges within the agency itself and across agencies. Better and more consistent investigative outcomes necessitate a move to a common investigative platform — one that is highly intuitive, flexible and secure to enable management of both simple and highly complex cases.

“SAP’s development of investigative case management software demonstrates their growing commitment to the Public Security market,” said Teresa Bozzelli, managing director, Government Insights, an IDC company. “Increasingly, investigating agencies will be looking to deploy a common investigation platform for all their investigative needs. The SAP approach to the delivery of an ‘enterprise-wide platform’ for investigation management follows a trend throughout government to reduce complexity and leverage existing enterprise resources to improve government outcomes in critical mission areas.”

With SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector, law enforcement agencies are able to deploy one enterprise-wide package for supporting the complete end-to-end investigative process. The core of the software is based upon an enhanced data-entry model, the People, Objects, Locations and Events (POLE) industry standard. POLE allows officers to effectively identify potential cross-investigation relationships by ensuring data, intelligence, entities, evidence and digital content are connected and easily accessed within an investigation, a line of inquiry or across cases. With a highly intuitive design and the inclusion of productivity tools, investigators are able to minimize administration and bureaucracy, and ensure the investigative progress is correctly prioritized, assigned and monitored. This combination helps to lead to more effective and successful investigations.

“When developing an industry software package, we incorporated all the key investigative needs on one platform to support the complete end-to-end investigation lifecycle, regardless of case complexity or process,” said Sean O’Brien, vice president, Public Security, SAP. “Improving investigative outcomes translates into more arrests, more robust convictions and better services to victims and witnesses — all achieved more quickly, with greater productivity and with improved total cost of ownership. Our approach focuses on the investigative processes, not just the case file or a single department’s case.”

If evidence, a person or a crime scene is connected to multiple cases, this association will be instantly recognizable to detectives. SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector and complementary offerings, such as text analytics and business intelligence software from the SAP(R) BusinessObjects(TM) portfolio, allow a law enforcement agency to deploy SAP software as a common enterprise-wide platform for managing investigations.

SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector Aims to Deliver Best-in-Class Investigative Outcomes

SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector provides a comprehensive set of rich, flexible and scalable tools designed to help investigators automate processes, streamline intelligence gathering, and increase productivity and efficiency. Key business processes and tools include:

– Investigation Lifecycle — With the software package, investigators and analysts are able to manage resources, assets, exhibits, knowledge, skills and intelligence across the investigation. Business intelligence functionality gives law enforcement organizations immediate self-service access to the information they need at all times. These solutions are able to integrate information from diverse systems and databases, giving users unparalleled flexibility in their choice of report formats.

– Intelligence Handling — Police and law enforcement agencies need to manage large volumes of information as part of their daily operations, including reports, complaints and anonymous threats. The package supports the intelligence gathering, grading and storage processes.

– Personalization and Productivity Tools — Detectives and investigators have intuitive, role-based access to investigative information. Advanced workflow and scheduling capabilities minimize administrative burdens and increase productivity. SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector can also be integrated with tools for data visualization and text analysis. From the SAP BusinessObjects portfolio, text analysis tools can extract, categorize and summarize text information from a wide range of document types in a variety of languages.

– Security, Audit and Data Protection — The package offers security, audit and data protection features that manage and protect the distribution, federation and sharing of information across the investigative ecosystem via role-based authorization. Strong audit capabilities allow agencies to successfully register, secure, maintain and protect accurate and confidential information according to data protection and compliance requirements.

SAP Investigative Case Management for Public Sector will be available to customers immediately as part of SAP(R) Business Suite 7 software.

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