Outside Connect III: So you’re Fake Steve…

I’ve been following his blog only for the last few months, but it’s been a superb ride. And especially fun considering he poked fun not only at all things non-Apple, but also Apple. I would like to believe he was at his best during the iPhone mania but has now been outed by a nosey chap from the New York Times.

And no, it’s no longer mere speculation. FSJ has indeed owned up and accepted that he is who the NYT report claims. But a question I have is why did it end all so suddenly? If he could have kept his identity for so long from a range of others who were interested, why did he fall to the NYT guy? Was it necessarily good journalism or was it that FSJ wanted to be found out so he could finally come into the open and start making money off an incredibly popular blog?

Of course, it is tough to remain anonymous and see something you built flourish. But with his identity now out, I doubt how popular the blog remains. Sure his writing is exciting and fun, but the biggest attraction of the blog was the mystery. So who is he?

Daniel Lyons, a senior editor at Forbes and the author of (among other things) the controversial 2005 Forbes cover story “Attack of the Blogs,” which argued that the Internet is plagued by anonymous bloggers who can libel companies without being held accountable.

And it is interesting to note that he will now be on a weeklong break and will return with Forbes as a sponsor. I smell sellout!

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