Homeschool schedule preschool

Here is what we have for Homeschool schedule preschool :

7-7: 30 am – Wake up, play for free, eat breakfast and change into day clothes (and other various things to prepare for the day)

8:30 am – Official start of the day

8:35 am – Circle time (20-30 minutes)

Good morning song


Days of the Week Song of Homeschool schedule preschool-

“Activity song” that involves a theme. For example, we will use Child’s Play’s I am the Music Man, book with movement, and Safari’s Musical Instruments Toob. This song is great because you can change the words and really pretend to play the saxophone, or whatever instrument your children choose to play. Another example is a simple pregame song like “The Ants Go Marching” (and use Child’s Play’s The Ants Go Marching!) Or a song to count for a theme or holiday like “Five Pumpkins Sitting on a Gate.” I’m trying to incorporate an accessory, even if it’s just a felt storyboard.

Submit a new “job” or review a “job”. For example, this morning I stopped our basket of Chinese woodblocks and had my 3-year-old son close his eyes to choose a block. Then we would review the block and practice our Chinese vocabulary.

Funny song “You Choose”: children will choose a song to end the official circle time

9 am – Storytime (20-30 minutes) where everyone chooses a book to read and settle in our Reading Corner

9:30 a.m. years and time outdoors we generally try to go OUT at least twice a day.

Hopefully, our shelves are filled with developmentally relevant materials that will ignite my children’s desire to learn. I don’t plan to “teach” that often. I want my children to guide their own learning and give them what they need, as I find they need it. Sometimes we are fortunate to do a lot of activity outside most of the day, but more often we take a walk, paint the yard or go to a nearby park. On Monday Homeschool schedule preschool we have mandarin at 11:30, so we will be leaving the house around 10:30 with plenty of time to grab a snack before class.

I hope this post has been useful for you and your trip. Thanks for choosing to read it. Leave a comment. Let me know where you are with your Homeschool schedule preschool adventure!

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