Homeschool routine

Homeschool routine to follow –

  1. Exercise

Some children wake up with the energy they need to tap. Others get out of bed feeling slow and need something for their energy to flow. For any type of child (or adult), starting the day with morning exercise is a great idea of Homeschool routine!

  1. Breakfast and chores.

If you’re like me and the mess drives you crazy, starting your day with breakfast and housework may be the perfect solution. When my children were young (and up to high school), they knew how to check our homework table every morning.

  1. Morning meeting

A morning meeting as a Homeschool routine is a great way to put everyone on the same page before starting the day. Your children’s ages will likely determine the details of your meeting. With teens, it can simply mean sitting down for coffee and brushing up on your day’s tasks, making sure they’re on track.

  1. Music

Many homeschooling families like to start the day with music. Music may include a composer you are studying, songs to memorize facts (such as the state or capitals), or songs related to something you are studying. And you don’t have any questions or need additional help with a complicated concept.

  1. Reading time aloud

Another great way to start your home school day is by reading out loud. You may want to read while your kids eat breakfast or let everyone have a cup of their favorite drink and snuggle up on the couch or in a favorite outdoor spot.

  1. fresh air

Starting your day with a little fresh air is a perfect way to blow out the highlights and take your daily dose of vitamin D. When the weather permits, consider starting your day with some time outside.

  1. Easy themes first

My final suggestion for Homeschool routine is to start with easy topics first. Some children prefer to cope with difficult things and get them out of the way, but my children have always preferred to do some easy chores so that their minds get warm during the day.

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