Benefits of daycare

If you are a working parent with children in daycare, you may have received your fair share of judgment from those who think parents should only care for children. However, daycare is a reality for many parents who must work to support their families, not to mention the fact that many parents want to work.

Actually, there are many proven Benefits of daycare for the children. So if you ever experience mom’s guilt over this decision, check out these five benefits for your child that come from going to daycare and stop apologizing for this perfectly acceptable, and positive! – choice of parents.

  1. The nursery prepares children for school.

Sooner or later, your little one will have to leave the nest to go to school. If you’ve been going to daycare for a while by the time preschool or kindergarten arrives, the transition from leaving home for the day will be easier.

Not only that but the children who attended daycare do better when they get to school. A 2016 study found that at age 5, children attending formal child care programs had better reading and math skills compared to children attending informal home care programs.

  1. Daycare makes children better communicators.

The benefits of daycare is that they offer a great opportunity for your children to socialize at a young age, and in turn can also help them learn communication skills. A 2013 study found that children in daycare have an improved ability to “adjust their nonverbal communication to account for the age of the person they are playing with,” according to Science Daily, likely because they have been more exposed to children. of different ages.

  1. Children in daycare are more likely to earn college degrees.

A 30-year study led by the FPG Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill found that adults who had enrolled as babies in a high-quality child care program were four times more likely to have obtained a college degree, and they were also more likely to remain constantly employed.

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